What is an A Record?

By | December 15, 2016

What is an A Record? The A in A record stands for Address. An A record is used to find the address of a computer that is connected to the internet from a name. If you are visiting a website, send an email or connect to Facebook or do anything on the internet, the address you enter is a word that is connected with dots.

What are A records?

A record will map a fully qualified domain name to an IP address and that are most often used record type in any DNS configuration. Address records can be configured in a domain for a specific host like www.example.com or sometimes it will represent with an @ symbol.


This will be the host name for the address record and typically server within your domain. It is important that the domain name is automatically appended to the Name field of the record. If the host name is defined by www.example.com in DNS then it will be creating an A record with the name field of www within the domain.

If the field Name is left blank then it represents the root record of the domain. The domain from the root record is referred to as the apex record. In some documentation, the symbol @ will be represented in the record.


The IPv4 address is the fully qualified domain name. An internet protocol address that consists of four octet 32-bit address.


The TTL is the amount of time that the record will resolve the name servers and in web browsers. The remote systems will look up the DNS record and that will traffic the domain receive. When the faster DNS changes the servers to cached data then the volume of the traffic will receive the domain. The TTL will be lowered to make the change and it is needed for a record with a high TTL then it will raise back again.

How to set up an A address record for the domain?

It is possible to set up an A record for domains. If the domain is pointed to any of these DNS systems then perform the actions to create an A record.

  1. Sign into your account and then select the domain list from the sidebar
  2. Then click the manage button that is next to the domain
  3. Just navigate to the advanced DNS tab at the page
  4. You have to find the host records section in the domain and then click on the add new record button.
  5. From this select, A record for type and you have to enter the host that is a point to an IP address.

The symbol @ is indicated to point a root domain to the IP address and www is needed to point to the IP address. Any host name can insert to a sub-domain that should be pointed to the IP address.

If you have inserted all the details save them using the save changes icon. Once you have finished you have to make sure there will be no records for the same host and remove them.