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Cloud Management With Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 is Microsoft’s latest and greatest software management system designed to bridge the gap between traditional dedicated server and cloud computing environments. Significant improvements have been made to its API (Application Programming Interfaces) so IT pros have an easier time customizing Windows Server 2012 to their applications.

Windows PowerShell Module

Windows 2012 also brings with it the ability to manage complex frameworks within a data center, such as systems running older versions of windows and non-windows operating systems. This is accomplished by deploying PowerShell – a comprehensive interface that makes sessions to remote servers even more resilient. For example, if a user deploys a service pack on a server, or attempts to back up a database in the cloud, long-running tasks need to continue, even if the end user disconnects from the network. Microsoft claims that by using PowerShell, application corruptions due to loss of connectivity are virtually eliminated. read more