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How To Deal With The Error – ‘412 Precondition Failed’?

The ‘412 Precondition Failed’ error message may be displayed on any of the web pages of your website when you are trying to access it. It is shown because the respective web page is incompatible with certain security principles that the server has. These principles are generally utilized in order to protect the websites hosted over the server from any of the malicious activities. It is a part of the server management process.

The most common cause of this error is the mod_security setting. This response will be sent by the mod_security module when any portion of the data requested over the web has the possibilities to be malicious. read more

When and Why Choose Dedicated Servers from bodHOST?

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is an advanced form of hosting in which the customer rents or buys a server, taking full use and control of it. The dedicated servers allow you to host sites having high-traffic and bigger in size, run complex applications and manage all your resources to suit the needs of your project.

When You Should Hire bodHOST’s Dedicated Server?

  • If your transfer volume, space or traffic is high;
  • If you need a mail server or a Web server exclusively;
  • If your project requires multiple IP addresses;
  • If you plan to install the application that requires root access to your dedicated server;
  • If you need to install new applications and the same need significant hardware consumption;
  • If you want to provide major streaming services;
  • If you need to access the operating system as an administrator (root).

Why Choose bodHOST’s Dedicated Servers?

bodHOST’s Dedicated Server Hosting plans are designed is a way so that you can have complete access and control over the server resources, and can manage & adapt to the needs of your project. read more