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FAQ About Private Name Servers

Q. What are private name servers ?

A. One name server that contain users own domain name – is private name server. Private name servers would be ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com. When user sign up for hosting then they utilize their private Name Server.

Q. How can I find my private name servers IP’s ?

A. Every reseller server have their own domain name server, so user will require to find their welcome email for the name server info.
In case of ns1.yourdomain.com the ip would be the ip listed in user’s welcome email.
For ns2.yourdomain.com the ip would the same except a change the last digit of the ip- which would be  digit greater.
As for example : Consider you receive the following ip in the welcome email: your ns2.domain.com name servers ip would be read more