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How Can I Start/ Stop/ Reboot My VPS In Power Panel?

You have to follow the following steps to start, stop, reboot your VPS in power panel

A. First you have to log-in to your Virtuzzo power panel(VZPP).

B. You can see the following page.

C. As you can see at the top that our VPS is currently running.

D. Click on the “start/ stop VPS” option.

E. You can start, stop and reboot (restart) your Virtual server with the following page.

F. There are many states the VPS could be in, and many corresponding possible actions you could take from this page. read more

Windows Vs Linux VPS

VPS is well known as virtual private server. VPS has a server splitting process. Each virtual server functions with its own operating system and also can be separately  rebooted.

Everybody knows that, mainly two types of operating systems can be used for VPS set up. First one is Linux VPS and second one is Windows VPS. There are many arguments about  benefits of Linux VPS and  Windows VPS.

1. Windows is a highly commercial operating system. On the other hand Linux is a free and open source operating system. For this reason there is a cost difference. So Windows VPS is more costly than Linux VPS. read more

Know more about Installatron and how to install on a cPanel/WHM server?

Installatron is a server software and it is also known as a script installer. Once installed on your server, Installatron allow you to install, manage and upgrade a premier collection of the advisable applications on the web, all instantly at the click of a button.

Installatron supportes following server control panel :

cPanel/WHM 11.x, 10.x, 9.x (or newer)

cPanel Enkompass 1.x (or newer)

DirectAdmin 1.x (or newer) read more