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Our requirements need more than what Shared Hosting can offer, but we have no technical experience with server management?

bodHOST has been providing the most robust server solutions since 1999 and we cater to both experienced and inexperienced users alike. With all of our server solutions including Linux VPS Hosting, Windows VPS Hosting and Managed Dedicated Servers being Managed Servers you can contact us at any time to install any necessary security software and any server-side software you may require. We offer 24×7 technical support with all of our server hosting services. You can contact us at any time to update all of the necessary software on your server including security software. read more

What is Virtuozzo? Some Details About Virtuozzo.

Virtuozzo is a VPS hosting technology made by Swsoft. It permit us to build various isolated VPS on one physical server to share  hardware, licenses and management activity with maximum competence.

Every Virtual Private Server utilize their own Disk Space, RAM, CPU, IP addresses, files, applications, system libraries, configuration files and also it has SSH Root Access. Every VSP can rebooted freely. It has it’s own OS.

Each VPS uses its own CPU, each VPS performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server. In nearly every perspective you can see a VPS as if its a Dedicated Server. read more

Advantages of cPanel For Reseller Web Hosting

There are so many hosting plans in the market. Most of the users who wish to sign up for reseller hosting services get confused when they select their hosting plan. Some commonly hosting plans are shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, colocation hosting. In addition to the above, there  is one more very affordable solution: That is cPanel reseller hosting. There are many advantages of cPanel Reseller Hosting. Those are as follows :

1. Easy To Use : Ease of use and maintenance are the two most popular reasons why most resellers start with cPanel Linux hosting. Its a great way to start for those who are not tech savvy- Linux cPanel hosting is available with a easy to understand graphical user interface (GUI). All the files, features and tools for the hosting account are represented with icons. Even users with minimum technical knowledge can easily manage their reseller cPanel account. read more


PHP-Nuke is a large content management system and the popularity of this CMS increasing rapidly due to its world wide community users. Eventually it is also used for web based automated news publishing. Like other popular content management system this CMS is also based on PHP and work with MySQL. The application has included the most eye catching features like mailing list, news management, and private messaging system and so forth. The web based user interface helps to cope up the system.

Earlier version of PHP-Nuke was distributed under GNU (General Public License). The latest version  required genuine license until new version comes out. According to their official web site Alphas, Betas, and release candidates will not be public. read more

Difference Between VPS and Cloud Server Hosting

VPS is one of the most important and effective technologies in the web hosting world. Thanks to VPS  Hosting, it is possible to economize on costs while not cutting back on the quality of service. What happens is that a single server is divided into many virtual servers and still is capable to permit all the resources of a dedicated server. It is the midpoint between dedicated and shared hosting.

The most important features of VPS are that it is user friendly so that applications and software can run with ease. It permits the option to add more resources if necessary which make sit the proper solution for many businesses. It is also capable to host a number of unique websites. VPS are eventually cheaper than the other hosting services.
Unlike cloud hosting the VPS is your responsibility. Initially you will have to work on all the basics, sort out security, get updates and perform maintenance. Performance may also be a problem as you have to share resources on the same server.
On the other side cloud hosting is a service which provides power and resources from a network of servers. The cloud as it is many times called is the provision of computing resources that have been grouped cooperatively and delivered through the internet. This means there is no limit on the use or server resources. It optimizes on bandwidth with the utilize of major connectivity providers and fully redundant networks.
Depending on their requirement, the resources are allocated to the users as much or as little as and when required. It is very low cost and reliable service. Companies will also be content to know that will not subject any additional overhead or require to purchase any additional inventory to utilize the service. Another great advantage is that it bills the customer on what they use only. Its billing process is much like a utility bill. This is a relief to many as they will have the added security of knowing that they will not incur any charges for services that they did not use at all during the billing period. read more

FAQ-SSH and RDP access on Shared and Reseller Hosting

Q: Do you allow SSH and RDP access on Shared and  Reseller Hosting?

A: In terms of additional security, SSH and RDP access is disabled on our shared and reseller hosting servers. In addition,  we have a Linux Shared and Reseller Hosting Servers on which we provide Jailed Shell Access to our shared and reseller customers who require SSH access, but then we are not liable to any security issues such as hacking and etc….. However, dedicated server, Semi-Dedicated Server, cloud server hosting, and VPS hosting is recommended for customers who requires complete access and total control on their hosting account. read more