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Linux Server Security: SELinux or Systemd?

bodHOST Linux Server Security

The security of a Linux server is being always a sensitive issue. Here is what Greg Kroah-Hartman thinks about SELinux (he is one of project developers of systemd).

The recent convention of CoreOS Fest Berlin (9 and 10 May 2016) was particularly rich in action and followed by several specialized portals. During the event, Greg Kroah-Hartman had given some interesting statements on ‘the Linux kernel development process and the security of the operating system’.

The important issue was also touched by Lennart Poettering (currently employed by Red Hat and known for Avahi, PulseAudio, and systemd), he is one of the developers of the project systemd init (process during startup is called into question by the kernel to initialize the user space), which he explained with essential parameters that act on the safety of a Linux server. read more