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Five WordPress Plugins that Hamper Your Shared Server’s Performance

WordPress Shared Plugins

Popular among several bloggers and web developers, WordPress is the easiest and user-friendly platform for creating blogs and websites.  For your blog to get known globally you need to host it and the host you choose is the most significant link to the potential readers of your blog. When hosting comes into picture different aspects like speed, performance, load balance ability, etc. need to be thought on.

Facts and Statistics –

As per Google speed is one of the important metrics to rank in search results and if a website takes more than 1.5 seconds to load, it is considered to be slow by Google. Also, 74% mobile users will leave after five seconds, if the site doesn’t load. Most of the WordPress blogs are hosted on shared hosting plans. read more

TikiWiki CMS/Groupware

Tikiwiki is a content management system, which allows you to create wiki based web sites. This application generally known as Tiki or TikiWiki and it is free to use as it is an open source CMS system written in PHP and distributed under LGPL (Lesser General Public License). Tiki has the number of collaborative features allowing it to operate as a Groupware web application. In other words it makes the simple job to enable web sites and portals on Internet, Intranets, and on a Extranet.

You will find all the necessary and usual features inside Tiki such as the ability to register and maintain single user accounts within a flexible and rich permission and privilege system, which helps to create and cope up menus, RSS-Feeds, Page Layout customization, Logging performance, and system administration. You can carry through all the administration tasks by using simple web based user interface. read more

FAQ-SSH and RDP access on Shared and Reseller Hosting

Q: Do you allow SSH and RDP access on Shared and  Reseller Hosting?

A: In terms of additional security, SSH and RDP access is disabled on our shared and reseller hosting servers. In addition,  we have a Linux Shared and Reseller Hosting Servers on which we provide Jailed Shell Access to our shared and reseller customers who require SSH access, but then we are not liable to any security issues such as hacking and etc….. However, dedicated server, Semi-Dedicated Server, cloud server hosting, and VPS hosting is recommended for customers who requires complete access and total control on their hosting account. read more

FAQs – Email Services on Shared and Reseller Web Hosting

Q: How many email accounts can I set up under a single Shared or Reseller hosting account?
A: There are no restriction on the number of email accounts. The only limitation is the amount of web space allocated to your account. You can create email accounts such as [email protected] This is also applicable for addon domain names even though they are hosted on a same account.

Q: Can I send unlimited emails? If Not then, How many emails can I send at one time?
A: No, you cannot send unlimited emails at one time, we have set up a limitation on outgoing emails. In terms of security reasons we have limited 200 outgoing emails per hour on Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting account. read more