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Did you know Raspberry Pi 3 can be used as Web Server?

Raspberry Pi 3 Web Server

Well, you read rightly – the Raspberry Pi 3 can be used as a Web Server. Even for relatively high loads. The only difficulty is the lagging storage.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is very confident in the effectiveness of its ARM solutions. More than an educational tool for Geeks, the organization sees the Raspberry Pi as a new form of a system, able to hunt on the lands of traditional desktops machinery or servers.

“Can you replace your $10,000 server for $35 or $40 machine? The answer was no until now”, said by the Foundation. With the Pi 2 and 3 things, however, seem to be able to change. Thus, during the launch campaign of Pi 3, it was added as reinforcement of the existing server infrastructure. 5% of queries were redirected to a Pi 3 and 3% to a Pi 2. Redirect tests – 25% of traffic to the Pi 3 was conducted successfully and without any noticeable slowdowns. read more