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Dealing With The Loading Issue Of Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is a highly efficient web server administration control panel. It is offered with the Windows web hosting platform. At times you may come across the situation where the Plesk control panel might not load.

If you are not able to login into Plesk, refer the process mentioned below:


If you encounter the error message mentioned below, it means you are using more memory space than what is allotted to you:

[emerg] (22)Invalid argument: could not call shmget

In this situation, you have to increase the value of ‘shmall’ in the ‘/etc/sysctl.conf’ file. Edit this file and increase the value with the following command: read more

How To Reset The Plesk Admin Password Through Shell?

Passwords are usually case sensitive. If a user doesn’t remember a password, he might face a really bad situation

Follow the process mentioned below in order to reser the Plesk root password using Shell and Command Prompt

The procedure of resetting the Plesk (Linux Server) root password through Shell:

[[email protected] root]# cd /usr/local/psa/admin/bin

[[email protected] bin]# ./ch_admin_passwd —help

./ch_admin_passwd: Utility for setting the Plesk administrator’s password

This fetches password from the environment variable PSA_PASSWORD read more

Steps To Creating A Custom Button In Plesk

1. The first step would be to login to your Plesk admin area.

2. Select “Custom Buttons” >> “Add New Button” option.

3. Create a label for the new button. The following page is the text which will appear under the button.

4. Enter the button name in “Button label” option.

5. You can choose to have the link displayed either on the admin page or in the navigation pane.

6. ‘Priority setting’ decides the order in which custom buttons are displayed.

7. With “ Background image” You can use your own button image. If you don’t select anything, the default button image will be used. read more

Steps To Manage Crontab In Plesk

With the Crontab Manager, you can automatically run scheduled tasks on the server, and if selected, receive automatic email showing the results. So, if you manage crontab in Plesk then you have to follow the following steps.

1. At first you have to login to your Plesk admin area.
2. Click on “Scheduler” option.
3. Select the name of the user for whom you wish to manage crontab.
4. You may choose to have crontab massages sent to you by email. If you wish to change the email address then click on “Set” option to make the modification effectively. “Set ” option is present in the right bottom of the page.

5. If there is no cronjob task set for this user  like the following page then then you can create one now.

6. Select “Add New Task”.
7. Enter a description of the new cron job.

8. Specify that who will receive scheduler notification.
9. Enter the path of the executable file.
10. In the next page you have to set the task priority.

11. Enter the specific parameters to to set the frequency of the task.
12. Select “OK” option.

13. As you can see the above image that, the task has been successfully setup.
14. If can create another new cron job with “Add New Task” option again. read more

Steps To Backup And Restore Your Files In Plesk

1. Log-in to plesk admin area.
2. Select “Back up ” option. You can take backup locally or remotely. For convenience, you can enter your FTP details and store them for further sessions.
3. Select “FTP Account Properties”.

4. Enter your FTP details and then select “OK” in the following page.

5. Click on “Create Backup ”
6. You have to enter all details in the following page

7. You can specify if you wish to be notified by email when the backup is complete. And then click on  “Back up” option which is present in the left bottom. read more

Steps To Set Auto Responders Through Plesk

1. You have to login to Plesk.
2. Select “Mail” option.
3. Locate the existing FOP account which you would like to make an autoresponders.

4. Select “ Autoresponders” >> “Add New Autoresponders”option.
5. Give the Autoresponder a name. This can be anything you like- it is for your reference only.
6. You can have an autoresponse when defined text is included in the subject line or body of the requiest coming in, or you can choose to have the autoresponder always respond, regardless of the contained text. read more

Plesk 8.0

What is Plesk?

It is a web server administration control panel. Highly recommended for windows web hosting to cope up the website management. It is well similar to cPanel, Ensim, and others. For an instance, you can manage windows server administration with the help of Plesk such set up new websites, email accounts, and DNS entries via a web based interface. As similar to cPanel, Plesk also easy to use so there is matter if you don’t have administration skills.

How to backup and restore files in Plesk 8 read more