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Know More About PHPESP

If you wish to create online surveys for your business websites with complex clauses and also wish to view the results in quick time, Php ESP is the ideal application for you.

This application is highly effective, user friendly and you can create complex, custom made surveys, make real time analysis of the results.

Step 1: You have to download the recent version of phpESP to your desktop.
Step 2: Uncompress the downloaded file to a particular directory on your desktop.
Step 3: Upload the extracted files to your web hosting account through FTP to a particular directory of your selection. (e.g. /phpESP).
Step 4: Login to your Admin area cPanel, locate and click on MySQL Databases.
Step 5: Make a MySQL database name “phpesp” and save its name along with the username and password for future utilization.
Step 6: Also from within cPanel go to “PhpMyAdmin”, select the database you have just made, and click on “SQL”.
Step 7: Copy the content of the file named “mysql_populate.sql” which is available under “/public_html/phpesp/scripts/db”, and paste it into the SQL Form and click Go. This should create the database tables of phpESP. read more