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ownCloud Installation with Linux Distribution


  1. What is ownCloud?
  2. How to prepare web server for installation?
  3. Installation of ownCloud
  4. Completion of the establishment

First, we’ll see what exactly ownCloud is!

It is an open source application for cloud storage and online file management. Basically it is similar to the famous DropBox, because it can store and synchronize files between one or more work stations or servers and ownCloud server. It is also fulfilling the role of backup server for safekeeping files and server synchronization. To implement this service you must have a web server running PHP and MySQL or SQLite.

Among all these features, there is obviously the possibility to share files; also you can play music directly online with the integrated player, can manage calendar, contact management, viewing and editing documents online, the visualization and filing photos in galleries, etc…. Moreover, many plugins are available in order to insert new functionality to ownCloud. read more