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Install MariaDB on CentOS 7 with these Simple Steps

An open-source database management system, MariaDB is commonly installed as part of the popular LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP/Python/Perl) stack. The data is managed by MariaDB by using a relational database and SQL (Structured Query Language). It acts as a fork of MySQL that is managed by the original MySQL developers. Since it’s designed as a replacement for MySQL, it uses commands that reference mysql and is the default package on CentOS 7.

This tutorial explains the installation of the latest version of MariaDB on a CentOS 7 server. read more

SysCP – Open Source Control Panel

SysCP is also an admin panel for hosting web services. It provides a web-based management for internet services. Its goal is to provide a software which enables the Administrator to easily manage his server from within a Web-browser.

Here are the applications that it manages:

* Apache, Apache 2.x, Lighttpd
* Bind9, PowerDNS
* Courier, Dovecot
* Postfix, Exim4
* ProFTP, pureftp
* Awstats, Webalizer

Note that this is the only list that offers alternatives to Apache, Bind, AWStats and Courier / Cyrus.

It offers as a service and more: read more

VHFFS – Virtual Hosting For Free Software:

VHFFS is a set of tools to manage a web hosting platform initiated by pooled TuxFamily I think, but I am no longer using this interface, however when I was using this platform for shared hosting on several shared servers, the performance shown by this interface was pretty impressive.

Here is a list of its features:

  • Web hosting (PHP4 and PHP5) with detailed statistics and logs available
  • Hosting MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • Subversion repositories
  • CVS repositories
  • Git repositories
  • Email address with pop / imap / webmail
  • Domain management (DNS management)
  • Accounts and redirects mail for the domain (with pop / imap / webmail)
  • Mailing Lists (domain-specific or not)
  • Download area with detailed statistics,
  • Quota management for projects,
  • Jabber

VHFFS is freely distributed on the ftp server. In addition VHFFS is designed to work with the free operating system Debian GNU / Linux. VHFFS was developed to run on that platform. According to my knowledge VHFFS does not work on another platform, but if anyone wishes to bring VHFFS on another architecture, it is free to do so. As it is an “open source” by design, so anyone who wishing to help to improve this software can participate in its development. read more