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How to Resolve MySQL High Memory Usage?

MySQL memory usage

What is MySQL?

MySQL is the most popular database used in web applications. It’s free, easy to administer and is supported by all hosting providers. There’s a common issue that MySQL servers face and that is high server load due to high memory issue.

Why does MySQL consume high memory?

  1. Application software like Python, PHP, JAVA threads utilize more memory when configured improperly or un-optimized queries, complex coding, etc.
  2. Due to improper configuration of MySQL, it leads to inefficient memory or wastage of memory.
  3. If the memory is lower than, required by the processes on the server.

Resolutions to fix MySQL high memory usage –

  1. Optimization of MySQL settings –

MySQL uses memory in two ways:

  • One is the memory permanently reserved for its use –

Known as Global Buffers category, it is obtained from the operating system during server boot-up and isn’t released to another process. read more