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Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 / Q9550 Dedicated Servers

Nowadays, you have a large range of options to choose a processor that meets your demands. Today, we are going to discuss about two models (Intel and AMD). These two models meet all criteria, offers the best affordable price, match the performance ratio, etc … However, you will notice, BODHost.com only included Intel processors. Someone will say we like only Intel, but this is not the case. According our tests AMD does not offer as powerful processors as its cost. Intel processors are pretty ideal for everything such as gaming, streaming videos / audio encoding, graphics, and of course virtualization. read more

Administration of Windows Server 2008 R2

A plethora of new features should cause IT pros to adopt this much improved version. It is necessary that you can effectively manage your infrastructure Windows Server 2008 R2. The Server Manager console (Server Manager), introduced in the original version of Server 2008, offers a single management environment for almost any task on a server.

Many wizards simplify the configuration of new server roles and features. IT pros can manage most of these tasks from the command line, via servermanagercmd.exe. Since we are talking about the command line, Windows Server 2008 R2 comes with Windows PowerShell 2.0 enabled by default, which is a good thing. With PowerShell management environment, you can manage 500 servers as easily as if there were only five. read more


PHPMotion script is a good resource for video sharing application and our lot of customers using it adequately. The most important thing about this script is that it is updated with time to time and it’s free to use as well. Hence, it is helpful for improving performance and fixing any security loop holes.

You can say this media sharing content management system (in short – Video CMS), which is also free to use and it supports other types of media as well (mp3 audio sharing). This software allows you to create and run your own video sharing website such as music, and picture sharing website. To run PHPMotion based website is very simply and if you have a adequate knowledge the can produce fine results with it. In addition, it’s very easy to run your own video website like YouTube, Daily Motion, etc…. read more

Microsoft e – Commerce Dedicated Servers

Applications installed on a Windows dedicated Server also include Commerce Server. It is basically a e-commerce platform that is used for developing, deployment, management and application upgration. Microsfot Commerce Server manages online business by integrating 3rd party applications as well as custom site building. It also provides features in different languages as well as currency management. It is an application that smarlty manages the interface of the server. It also brings in a broader perspective to bring in more sales through trading community and systems. read more

What is OS Commerce?

OS Commerce is an online shop e-commerce solution that offers a huge range of out-of-the-box features that allows online stores to be setup quickly with ease, and it is available for free as an Open Source based solution released under the GNU General Public License.

It was started in March 2000 and has since matured to a solution that is currently powering 12,689 registered live shops around the world.

Nowadays, OS Commerce has been taken to the next level, moving towards an E-commerce framework solution that not only remains easy to setup and maintain, but also making it easier for store administrators to present their stores to their customers with their own unique requirements. read more

What is CPM (Cost per impresion) / CPC (Cost per Click) / CPT (Cost per Time)?

In online Advertising, CPM is in relation to traffic that is eventually recievedon the web. It is done in the ratio when a online commercial company runs a advertising campaign.

This includes text-Links, banners or sending mass e-mails. This is measured using Cost per Mile mtric which is equivalent to 1000 impressions.

So, the algorithm is as follows –

1 CPM = 1000 impressions

This is followed in the aim of selling products/services online. This is calculated on the basis of number of views for which is a tracker is placed and organized accordingly. read more

A little about PHP-NUKE

The origination of PHP-NUKE

PHP-Nuke came from Thatware new portal system which then became a self-news publisher and CMS which lied on the basis of PHP and MySQL and was a free software that was released under the GNU General Public Lisence.The Interface manages the entire controlled system.

The persone who buys this software is eligible to distribute the source code.

Requirement of PHP-Nuke-

a)PHP extensions web server
b)SQL database

Features –

a)It gives permission to webmasters in order to create a community-based portal.
b)PHP-Nuke also allows Modules to be added in order to attach more features.
c)Web-based Administration is maintained by the admin especially.
d)It is multi-Lingual.
e)It also allows Customization in appearance. read more

Outlook express Error Codes and Explanation

0x800CCC00 LOAD_SICILY_FAILED –  Authentication did not load.
0x800CCC01 INVALID_CERT_CN – Invalid certificate content
0x800CCC02 INVALID_CERT_DATE – Invalid certificate date.
0x800CCC03 ALREADY_CONNECTED – User already connected.
0x800CCC04  – CONN
0x800CCC05 NOT_CONNECTED  – Not connected to server.
0x800CCC0A INCOMPLETE  – Message download incomplete.
0x800CCC0B BUSY Server or maildrop is busy.
0x800CCC0D CANT_FIND_HOST  – Cannot locate server.
0x800CCC0E FAILED_TO_CONNECT  – Cannot connect to server.
0x800CCC0F CONNECTION_DROPPED  – Connection closed.
0x800CCC10 INVALID_ADDRESS  – Address not known on server.
0x800CCC11 INVALID_ADDRESS_LIST  – Mailing list not known on server.
0x800CCC12 SOCKET_READ_ERROR  – Unable to send Winsock request.
0x800CCC13 SOCKET_WRITE_ERROR – Unable to read Winsock reply.
0x800CCC14 SOCKET_INIT_ERROR – Unable to initialize Winsock.
0x800CCC15 SOCKET_CONNECT_ERROR – Unable to open Windows Socket.
0x800CCC16 INVALID_ACCOUNT – User account not recognized.
0x800CCC17 USER_CANCEL – User canceled operation.
0x800CCC18 SICILY_LOGON_FAILED  – Logon attempt failed.
0x800CCC19  – TIMEOUT
0x800CCC1A SECURE_CONNECT_FAILED  – Unable to connect using SSL.
0x800CCC40 WINSOCK_WSASYSNOTREADY  – Network subsystem is unusable.
0x800CCC43 WINSOCK_WSAEFAULT – Bad address.
0x800CCC44 WINSOCK_FAILED_WSASTARTUP – Unable to load Windows Sockets.
0x800CCC45 WINSOCK_WSAEINPROGRESS – Operation now in progress.
0x800CCC60 SMTP_RESPONSE_ERROR – Invalid response.
0x800CCC61 SMTP_UNKNOWN_RESPONSE_CODE – Unknown error code.
0x800CCC62 SMTP_500_SYNTAX_ERROR – Syntax error returned.
0x800CCC63 SMTP_501_PARAM_SYNTAX – Parameter syntax incorrect.
0x800CCC64 SMTP_502_COMMAND_NOTIMPL – Command not implemented.
0x800CCC65 SMTP_503_COMMAND_SEQ – Improper command sequence.
0x800CCC66 SMTP_504_COMMAND_PARAM_NOTIMPL – Command not implemented.
0x800CCC67 SMTP_421_NOT_AVAILABLE – Command not available.
0x800CCC68 SMTP_450_MAILBOX_BUSY – Mailbox is locked and busy.
0x800CCC69 SMTP_550_MAILBOX_NOT_FOUND – Mailbox not found.
0x800CCC6A SMTP_451_ERROR_PROCESSING – Error processing request.
0x800CCC6C SMTP_452_NO_SYSTEM_STORAGE – No space to store messages.
0x800CCC6D SMTP_552_STORAGE_OVERFLOW – Storage limit exceeded.
0x800CCC6E SMTP_553_MAILBOX_NAME_SYNTAX – Invalid mailbox name syntax.
0x800CCC6F SMTP_554_TRANSACT_FAILED – Transaction failed.
0x800CCC79 SMTP_REJECTED_RECIPIENTS – Server rejected recipients.
0x800CCC7A SMTP_NO_SENDER – No sender address specified.
0x800CCC7B SMTP_NO_RECIPIENTS – No recipients specified.
0x800420CB POP3_NO_STORE – Mail cannot be stored on server
0x800CCC90 POP3_RESPONSE_ERROR – Client response invalid.
0x800CCC91 POP3_INVALID_USER_NAME – Invalid user name or user not found.
0x800CCC92 POP3_INVALID_PASSWORD – Password not valid for account.
0x800CCC93 POP3_PARSE_FAILURE – Unable to interpret response.
0x800CCC94 POP3_NEED_STAT STAT – Command required.
0x800CCC95 POP3_NO_MESSAGES – No messages on server.
0x800CCC96 POP3_NO_MARKED_MESSAGES – No messages marked for retrieval.
0x800CCC97 POP3_POPID_OUT_OF_RANGE – Message ID out of range.
0x800CCCA0 NNTP_RESPONSE_ERROR – News server response error.
0x800CCCA1 NNTP_NEWGROUPS_FAILED – Newsgroup access failed.
0x800CCCA2 NNTP_LIST_FAILED LIST – command to server failed.
0x800CCCA3 NNTP_LISTGROUP_FAILED – Unable to display list.
0x800CCCA4 NNTP_GROUP_FAILED – Unable to open group.
0x800CCCA5 NNTP_GROUP_NOTFOUND – Group not on server.
0x800CCCA6 NNTP_ARTICLE_FAILED  – Message not on server.
0x800CCCA7 NNTP_HEAD_FAILED  – Message header not found.
0x800CCCA8 NNTP_BODY_FAILED – Message body not found.
0x800CCCA9 NNTP_POST_FAILED  – Unable to post to server.
0x800CCCAA NNTP_NEXT_FAILED – Unable to open next message.
0x800CCCAB NNTP_DATE_FAILED  – Unable to display date.
0x800CCCAC NNTP_HEADERS_FAILED – Unable to display headers.
0x800CCCAD NNTP_XHDR_FAILED – Unable to display MIME headers.
0x800CCCAE NNTP_INVALID_USERPASS – Invalid user or password.
0x800CCCC2 RAS_NOT_INSTALLED RAS/DUN – not installed.
0x800CCCC3 RAS_PROCS_NOT_FOUND RAS/DUN – process not found.
0x800CCCC4 RAS_ERROR RAS/DUN – error returned.
0x800CCCC5 RAS_INVALID_CONNECTOID – Connectoid damaged or missing.
0x800CCCC6 RAS_GET_DIAL_PARAMS – Error getting dial settings
0x800CCCD1 IMAP_LOGINFAILURE  – Login failed.
0x800CCCD2 IMAP_TAGGED_NO_RESPONSE  – Message tagged.
0x800CCCD3 IMAP_BAD_RESPONSE – Invalid response to request.
0x800CCCD4 IMAP_SVR_SYNTAXERR – Syntax error.
0x800CCCD6 IMAP_BUFFER_OVERFLOW – Buffer limit exceeded.
0x800CCCD7 IMAP_RECVR_ERROR – Recovery error.
0x800CCCD8 IMAP_INCOMPLETE_LINE  – Incomplete data.
0x800CCCD9 IMAP_CONNECTION_REFUSED – Connection not allowed.
0x800CCCDA IMAP_UNRECOGNIZED_RESP – Unknown response.
0x800CCCDB IMAP_CHANGEDUID – User ID has changed.
0x800CCCDC IMAP_UIDORDER – User ID command failed.
0x800CCCDD IMAP_UNSOLICITED_BYE  – Unexpected disconnect.
0x800CCCDE IMAP_IMPROPER_SVRSTATE  – invalid server state.
0x800CCCDF IMAP_AUTH_NOT_POSSIBLE  – Unable to authorize client.
0x800CCCE0 IMAP_OUT_OF_AUTH_METHODS  – No more authorization types. read more

If Access denied to website when opening a Browser –

1) Use the IP address instead of the Domain name, if you are able to do that then, it means that the domain name is not active or not propagated. For a new domain name, it takes weeks to release by InterNIC and propagated to DNS. For a existing domain, it is a possibility that is being held at InterNIC. In this situation, InterNIC can be contacted for the same.

2) After 72 hours of release by InterNIC, and still not able to see the website through the domain name, then clear browser cache.

For Netscape Navigator – read more

Outlook Express e-mail issues

Unable to receive/send e-mails –

a) For incoming mail server –

In the incoming mail server(POP3) should be changed to –


b) The incoming mail server (POP3) account name and password should be entered accordingly.


Type the account name and password –

Primary account username – username

But in the case of creation of alternative e-mail using Cpanel, the username will be [email protected] read more