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PhpMyAdmin Installation Process On Linux server

phpMyAdmin iis a software tool written in PHP. It is an open source software to take care of the of the MySQL administration over the World Wide Web. Users can install phpmyadmin very smoothly with Linux VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting. You can follow the following link to install it :

* Rename the TAR file for your convenience :
[email protected] [~]# mv phpMyAdmin* phpMyAdmin.tar.gz

* Untar the package :
[email protected] [~]# tar xzf phpMyAdmin read more

Creating Multiple Web Hosting Accounts Through WHM

WHM is the administrator control panel for your reseller or VPS account. If you want to create multiple account using WHM, then you can follow the following points :

1. You have to make a ‘package’ : Usually while designing a web hosting package, you should include the basics like how much web space, bandwidth, mailboxes etc you want to assign for each package. You should have a range of different packages so customers can choose the one that suits their requirements the best. You can create a package through WHM> Left Menu> Click on ‘Add Packages’ under ‘Packages’ read more


PHP-Nuke is a large content management system and the popularity of this CMS increasing rapidly due to its world wide community users. Eventually it is also used for web based automated news publishing. Like other popular content management system this CMS is also based on PHP and work with MySQL. The application has included the most eye catching features like mailing list, news management, and private messaging system and so forth. The web based user interface helps to cope up the system.

Earlier version of PHP-Nuke was distributed under GNU (General Public License). The latest versionĀ  required genuine license until new version comes out. According to their official web site Alphas, Betas, and release candidates will not be public. read more