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VOIP Servers, Services – Advantages and Information

VOIP Servers

What are VoIP Servers ?

VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice Over IP, ie. the transmission of voice over the Internet. A VoIP service in essence, consists of a computer that can make phone calls to anywhere in the world. It may be PC to PC or PC to phone, landline or mobile. The voice signals are converted into data packets that travel over the Internet using a VoIP platform, and then converted back into the recipient.

Using VoIP requires specific modules in the router or switch that have the digital processors (DSPs). In this case, the router or switch are called as voice gateways. read more

Asterisk – VOIP Server Installation on Linux – centOS

Asterisk – VOIP Server Installation on Linux – centOS

Prior to installation, you need to make sure all packages up-to-date. Run yum-y update. In case, any Kernel files were updated, the server will require reboot of the server. Now, you will need to download pre-requisites or essentials of Asterisk :

doxygen #

In case you have a Dual Core Processor Server, Kernel-smp-devel is required through

apt-get update
apt-get install gcc kernel-devel bison openssl-devel read more