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Linux process CPU usage monitoring

In this tutorial we will see how to collect CPU usage of a Linux process.

The main purpose behind this query is supervision or debugging. It would be convenient if you know how to retrieve CPU usage of a particular Linux process. It is often noticed people only check overall CPU usage on a machine, but don’t bother to analyze, which process is consuming more CPU time. Once they start focusing on which process consumes more CPU, then it will be helpful for them to optimize that process.

So in this tutorial we will see how to check usage of specific Linux process: read more

ERROR : Web server software (WebServerX) is not supported. Sorry

Web server software (WebServerX) is not supported. Sorry

This is one of the errors that server administrators would usually come across after installing Moodle

The reason why  the server generates this is due to mod_security configuration.


Inorder to resolve the issue, one must edit the following file:

# vi /usr/local/apache/conf/modsec2.conf

and comment the line:

SecServerSignature "WebServerX"


#SecServerSignature "WebServerX"
Save these changes and Restart Apache Services

This should resolve the issue and Moodle would start working fine. read more