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What is an A Record?

What is an A Record? The A in A record stands for Address. An A record is used to find the address of a computer that is connected to the internet from a name. If you are visiting a website, send an email or connect to Facebook or do anything on the internet, the address you enter is a word that is connected with dots.

What are A records?

A record will map a fully qualified domain name to an IP address and that are most often used record type in any DNS configuration. Address records can be configured in a domain for a specific host like www.example.com or sometimes it will represent with an @ symbol. read more

Unique and Shared IP addresses-What You Need to Know

Unique and Shared IP Address

Whenever you type a website address into your browser, the address (say for example the web address: (www.domainnamehere.com) is translated into a set of numbers, known as an “IP address” (the IP stands for internet protocol). So whenever you type a domain name into your browser your computer is actually directed to the IP address that the domain name is associated with.

Every site on the internet has an IP address, and every site can be reached by typing in its IP address, with some exceptions. Some websites on the internet will be hosted on the same server, which means they will have the same IP address. So for example, two websites like www.hisname.com and www.hername.com may be hosted on the same server; in which case a person looking for one of these sites will be routed to the appropriate site by the server. In cases like this, where more than one site uses the same IP, the IP address will be known as a “Shared IP address”. If a website has its own unique IP address that no one else uses, then that IP address will be known as a “unique IP address.” read more

Want to Block an IP Address? Here a Solution…


You might sometimes need to block a specific IP address from accessing your server for several reasons. Follow the simple instructions below which include creating an IPSec Security Policy specifying to block access to specific IP address –

Step 1 – Hover your mouse to Start Menu and click on Run.

Step 2 – Type “secpol.msc” in the run window and click OK.

Step 3 – The Local Security Settings window will open. Click on “IP Security Policies on Local Computer”.

Step 4 – Go to the right window pane, right-click and select “Create IP Security Policy”. read more

The benefits of using a dedicated IP address

Benefits-of-using-a-Dedicated-IP-addressA common issue when hosting a website on a shared server is: do you need to use a dedicated IP address? Why not just stick with the shared IP address? A dedicated one offers many advantages, but let’s look at the definitions first.

IP — Internet Protocol — is a unique address given to each computer connected to a network. It’s used to identify a location of a specific machine or a website. In our case, your website.

A shared IP address is a single address shared by multiple websites on a single web server. A dedicated IP address is used by just one website, which can then be accessed either by its domain name or directly by its IP address. read more