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IIS 10 Features view – What is New?

IIS 10 New Features


In all the web hosting news you might have noticed the buzz around Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016 and Windows 10. But there is one more thing that may light up your interest more, i.e. IIS 10. So let’s see what it has new on the table:


If you’ve accessed Windows Server 2016 technical preview and Windows 10, then you might have noticed that IIS 10 isn’t any different than these two. How? Check the below feature and their anatomy:

1) HTTP/2

In the 2nd technical previews’ of Windows Server 2016 and in Windows 10, HTTP/2 is by default enabled and in IIS 10 it’s the same thing, so you need not enable it twice in the value registry, and no need for a reboot. read more