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Gen 2 VMs – What Exactly You Should Know About Them?

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Tech geeks are always into a new search for smoothening their life and this time they have come up with Generation 2 (Gen 2) VMs. What are Gen 2 VMs? We all are familiar with Microsoft Hyper-V virtual servers and Generation 2 VMs are those that use the second generation of virtual hardware. Introduced with Windows Server 2012 R2, Gen VMs are hypervisor aware that indicates that these VMs don’t rely on synthetic or emulated hardware.

Gen 2 VMs though offer several advantages, don’t plunge into the new format unless some significant limitation are considered. These limitations may not make them a right choice for your business environment. Many experts are now recommending a cautious approach towards Gen 2 VMs. Below is a list of five pointers that will help you cut through the hype and make a decision about using a Generation 2 VM. read more