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How To Perform A Full Website Backup?

how to perform cPanel backups

Performing a backup within your cPanel is a simple and straightforward process.  Normally we recommend our clients take their own backups. Backups on Shared and Reseller servers are guaranteed, but it is always good to have own copy of backups, as we all know “better safe than sorry” is the key to success. Knowing this our clients can make the best decision when buying hosting.

Getting a direct backup from your cPanel is a straightforward and easy process. Here is how you do it:

  1. First you must log into your channel
  2. Go to the files sub section and look for the backups link
  3. Choose complete a full website backup
  4. Make the “Home Directory” the backup destination

After performing the steps, let the process run for a few minutes and when you come back and refresh you should now see the backup available to download. Ensure that you download it to your local machine and keep it in a safe place. read more