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How to secure DNS server?

dns-security-best-practices-oMost internet applications run on the basis of DNS then it may be emails, website browsing, messengers, etc. But very few detect the presence of this extensively used service. And this is the reason why the vulnerabilities in DNS service are ignored by server administrators resulting in easy exploitation by hackers.

Usually, securing a server involves server software plus application software security, file system security, physical and network security.

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How to Create Custom Name Servers for Your Dedicated Server?


There’s a great crowd of web masters searching on custom name servers, especially for branding. But what does it really do? It permits you to run your own name server for responding to DNS requests for your domains. Custom name servers are significant required by those using dedicated servers or VPS servers as they need to have root access on their servers as this allows to modify the DNS zones. Also, when you are naming your DNS server with a custom name, there’s no risk of security.

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Not Able To Browse your Site After SSL Installation

After installation  SSL on your  web hosting account you may not be able to browse your site.

This problem is caused by the SSL installation which needs a DNS change of your domain’s A record. After the SSL installation you could be still resolving your domain with the previous DNS settings. Usually those changes should happen instantly but it is still possible to access your website using cached DNS information.

You should permit some times for DNS change to propagate and get result. After that you will be capable to access your site without any problems. read more