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How to centralize server logs with Rsyslog?

Centralizing Server logs with Rsyslog

1. Overview

Centralizing logs from multiple servers on one server can be of great interest to the security level within a system of information. Indeed, it is easier for log analysis tools to compare, read and scan files being on a single server rather than doing it remotely or through remote agents. Also in case of server crash, you will be able to recover the mistakes and actions on your server before it does crash, facilitating the restoration activity of this and future security.

On most of the modern Linux systems then log management tool is by default Rsyslog and it is one that we will use in this tutorial. Here, we will work on two machines running Debian 7, one acting as a server, the other as a “client” that will send its logs to the server. In both cases, the configuration file to edit is always /etc/rsyslog.conf. One can nevertheless put in /etc/rsylog.d/ and make a “include” in the main configuration file to import. read more

When and Why Choose Dedicated Servers from bodHOST?

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is an advanced form of hosting in which the customer rents or buys a server, taking full use and control of it. The dedicated servers allow you to host sites having high-traffic and bigger in size, run complex applications and manage all your resources to suit the needs of your project.

When You Should Hire bodHOST’s Dedicated Server?

  • If your transfer volume, space or traffic is high;
  • If you need a mail server or a Web server exclusively;
  • If your project requires multiple IP addresses;
  • If you plan to install the application that requires root access to your dedicated server;
  • If you need to install new applications and the same need significant hardware consumption;
  • If you want to provide major streaming services;
  • If you need to access the operating system as an administrator (root).

Why Choose bodHOST’s Dedicated Servers?

bodHOST’s Dedicated Server Hosting plans are designed is a way so that you can have complete access and control over the server resources, and can manage & adapt to the needs of your project. read more

Our requirements need more than what Shared Hosting can offer, but we have no technical experience with server management?

bodHOST has been providing the most robust server solutions since 1999 and we cater to both experienced and inexperienced users alike. With all of our server solutions including Linux VPS Hosting, Windows VPS Hosting and Managed Dedicated Servers being Managed Servers you can contact us at any time to install any necessary security software and any server-side software you may require. We offer 24×7 technical support with all of our server hosting services. You can contact us at any time to update all of the necessary software on your server including security software. read more

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 / Q9550 Dedicated Servers

Nowadays, you have a large range of options to choose a processor that meets your demands. Today, we are going to discuss about two models (Intel and AMD). These two models meet all criteria, offers the best affordable price, match the performance ratio, etc … However, you will notice, BODHost.com only included Intel processors. Someone will say we like only Intel, but this is not the case. According our tests AMD does not offer as powerful processors as its cost. Intel processors are pretty ideal for everything such as gaming, streaming videos / audio encoding, graphics, and of course virtualization. read more

Dual Quad Core Xeon 5550, 5500 Servers, Workstations, and Storage System

Dell Quad Core Xeon X5550 2.66 GHz is designed for multiprocessor systems. The architecture consists of four quad core execution units, also called processing units, within a single processor. This processor offers an excellent performance and a high processing capacity for high Internet server loads. Thus, the response time, the number of supported users and scalability improves strongly. This product has been tested and validated by Dell.

These servers can give a whole new portfolio to your business. In addition, servers are available in several formats such as towers, blades, rack mount, workstations, new storage system Equalogic, software and services, etc … read more

Administration of Windows Server 2008 R2

A plethora of new features should cause IT pros to adopt this much improved version. It is necessary that you can effectively manage your infrastructure Windows Server 2008 R2. The Server Manager console (Server Manager), introduced in the original version of Server 2008, offers a single management environment for almost any task on a server.

Many wizards simplify the configuration of new server roles and features. IT pros can manage most of these tasks from the command line, via servermanagercmd.exe. Since we are talking about the command line, Windows Server 2008 R2 comes with Windows PowerShell 2.0 enabled by default, which is a good thing. With PowerShell management environment, you can manage 500 servers as easily as if there were only five. read more

Windows Network Load Balancing Dedicated Servers – Learn More

Windows Network Load Balancing Dedicated Servers

Network Load Balancer or Clusters that were included in Windows Server OS enabled TCP/IP-based services such as follows:

– Web Services

– Terminal Services

– Virtual Private Networking

– Streaming Media

It basically didn’t require any Hardware Support and distributed IP traffic across cluster hosts which ensures detecting host failures and re-distributes traffic to hosts. It provides control and upgrade from Windows NT 4.0 OS. It delivered high performance and fail-over protection in comparison with other load-balancers. read more