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Set Up Your Own Dedicated Game Server With This Simple Tutorial

Dedicated Game Server

The online gaming world has completely changed its face in comparison to early days of gaming. You can play with a group and also against several strangers. Want to enjoy weekend gaming marathon with your group of friends? Simply set up your own online gaming server and play as and when you want. Everyone gets connected to the same dedicated gaming server without the need to find everyone on a commercial server open to all. Also, there won’t be the disturbance from strangers for playing.

One other benefit of a dedicated game server is that even if something goes wrong on your gaming machine and you need to reboot the system, others can still continue playing the game. So, let’s learn to set up a dedicated game server. read more


PHPMotion script is a good resource for video sharing application and our lot of customers using it adequately. The most important thing about this script is that it is updated with time to time and it’s free to use as well. Hence, it is helpful for improving performance and fixing any security loop holes.

You can say this media sharing content management system (in short – Video CMS), which is also free to use and it supports other types of media as well (mp3 audio sharing). This software allows you to create and run your own video sharing website such as music, and picture sharing website. To run PHPMotion based website is very simply and if you have a adequate knowledge the can produce fine results with it. In addition, it’s very easy to run your own video website like YouTube, Daily Motion, etc…. read more

VPS Server vs. Dedicated Server

VPS Server vs. Dedicated Server

VPS servers and dedicated servers are the two forms of dedicated web hosting offered by most web hosting providers and allow for businesses that require reliable and secure web hosting services to use a web hosting package capable of meeting their requirements ideally. Although VPS servers and dedicated servers are separated by their separate form factors, with VPS server hosting being a form of virtual web hosting and dedicated server hosting being the only form of physical web hosting that is available. If you require a web hosting service that can provide you with large resource allocations then a dedicated server is going to be the way for you to go since the only restrictions you will face resource wise are going to be the actual limits of the server; however, VPS servers can still provide you with decent resource assignments that are capable at meeting the requirements of most users, just at a more affordable price. Windows server hosting services are offered by many web hosting providers although Linux server hosting servers generally tend to be more prevalent as they are normally cheaper and easier to provision for web hosting providers.

There are several different editions of the Windows server operating system meaning that there is a good range of choice to choose from depending on what your needs may be, however the use of the Windows operating system will also cost you more since web hosting providers will need to factor in the cost of the Windows operating system license; Linux on the other hand is an open source operating system meaning that it costs nothing to use and there are many different versions, or ‘distributions’, of Linux available that have all been designed to be used in different situations. Apart from the difference in form factor between VPS server hosting and dedicated server hosting, there isn’t a great deal else that is different; both forms of dedicated web hosting will provide you with guaranteed assignments of RAM, disk space and bandwidth that you will be able to utilize as you see fit – with a dedicated server you will also be able to make full use of the server’s CPU whereas with a VPS server you will have to share the hosting node’s CPU with the other VPS servers that are hosted on the same node. Server hosting services are able to provide you with greater reliability in the long run, and for most uptime is one of the most important factors to consider in a web hosting package these days.

Private LAN – VLAN Dedicated Servers

Private LAN Configuration on a Dedicated Server. BODHost Offers Private LAN or VLAN Dedicated Server Hosting Setup. In a Private VLAN configuration, router use routing rules which connect the server to the Internet through a Private Network which is configured via Dedicated Server Switch or in other words through a Cable. Client’s who are looking for secured transfers between the server, they opt for Private lan Setup on Dedicated Servers.

Public Access to the database can be disabled and can only be accessed through Web Server. Both of the servers can communicate between each other through Private LAN. It can only allow http traffic to be brought in. More blocked ports are a secured way of Dedicated Server Hosting Operations. read more