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How To Force your site visitors to use shared SSL connection

Shared SSL Connection

From time to time, our technical support department is asked how to direct website visitors to view a website over HTTPS. Here is an example:

If a visitor goes to a website using http://mydomain.com, this is not secure so you can force them to always use the shared SSL certificate which is secure and encrypted so no one can see any data being transmitted except the party sending and the party receiving it. Shared SSL’s are included on all our Shared Hosting plans as standard. If you are not familiar with SSL certificates, please view our article on it. If you have a dedicated SSL and want to make all of your website traffic use your dedicated SSL we have a helpful tutorial on that on our knowledge base page. read more

Steps to Share a MySQL Database in Cpanel

cPanel is one of the popular control panel. It allows webmaster to control a number of  key server features, such as management of the email accounts, database, etc…Each website has its own database, but sometime a person will run multiple website that share the similar content. In this case, a perfect  solution is to allow the websites to share the same database. (Note: possibly it will increase a load on your database). This is simple to set up through cPanel user interface.

1. Log in to the cPanel control panel with the help of given user name and password by a web host. To access cPanel panel interface type your website domain into the web browser like below: read more

How To Manage Your web-mail with cPanel?

1. At first you have to log-in to cPanel.

2. Select “Read web mail” option.

3. You have to log-in to the the following page.

4. Select “NeoMail” option.

5. You have to enter your complete email address and password (email password) and select “OK” in the following page.

6. You have to select “continue” in the following page.

7. You would find the following page.

8. Choose “Real name option”, enter that name which you would like to display in your outgoing mail. read more

Creating An Add-on Domain In cPanel

If you want to create an Add- on domain in your cPanel then you have to follow the following points :

1. You have to log into your cPanel.

2. Select the “Add-on Domains” option.

3. After select “Add-on Domains”, you can see the following page.

4. Enter the new domain which you want to point.
5. Enter the username/ directory name.
6. Create a password for the Add-on domain. It should be 6 to 8 characters
7. Select “Add” button which is present below.
8. At this stage, you would have successfully created an add-on domain. The FTP access is automatically setup  by cPanel. Now you should upload your files to yoursite.com/add-on, because cPanel automatically creates sub folders in the root(public_html)directory for the newly created add-on domain. read more

Know more about Installatron and how to install on a cPanel/WHM server?

Installatron is a server software and it is also known as a script installer. Once installed on your server, Installatron allow you to install, manage and upgrade a premier collection of the advisable applications on the web, all instantly at the click of a button.

Installatron supportes following server control panel :

cPanel/WHM 11.x, 10.x, 9.x (or newer)

cPanel Enkompass 1.x (or newer)

DirectAdmin 1.x (or newer) read more