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Want to Migrate Your Website from Cloud to cPanel Hosting?


Cloud and cPanel hosting both are the best but there are differences in their features. So, many times you need to migrate between cloud and cPanel hosting depending upon your business application needs.

The migration process is basically divided into three steps –

  • Take the backup of your website files as well as databases.
  • Take the backup of your email messages.
  • To submit upgrades/downgrades online.

After your new cPanel hosting package has been set up, follow the below steps –

  • Creating email accounts.
  • Uploading files to the cPanel server.
  • Importing of your database file.

Migrating from Cloud Hosting to cPanel Hosting –

Step 1 – Backing up your website files and databases

Firstly, using FTP download your website files. Then export a copy of database using php/MyAdmin. read more