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FAQ-SSH and RDP access on Shared and Reseller Hosting

Q: Do you allow SSH and RDP access on Shared and  Reseller Hosting?

A: In terms of additional security, SSH and RDP access is disabled on our shared and reseller hosting servers. In addition,  we have a Linux Shared and Reseller Hosting Servers on which we provide Jailed Shell Access to our shared and reseller customers who require SSH access, but then we are not liable to any security issues such as hacking and etc….. However, dedicated server, Semi-Dedicated Server, cloud server hosting, and VPS hosting is recommended for customers who requires complete access and total control on their hosting account. read more

Cloud Server Hosting – An Unique Platform for Business Operations

Cloud server hosting users experience the higher performance of the servers. Cluster of network servers play the important role here, thus, as per the requirements users can easily increase CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, and Bandwidth.   Virtual environment of Cloud is much better than virtual private servers and shared hosting, however, comparatively it is expensive, but on the other hand it is a much better option. Cloud hosting is gaining popularity at a rapid pace and it is being adopted by most of the organizations and government bodies around the world as well. The most important benefit of  cloud server is that it reduces the issues of downtime to a great extent. read more

Cloud Web Hosting – The Emerging Trend in Hosting Technology

In the strong public feeling of economic pressure, large organizations and even small companies are looking for comfort. With the sound chanting everywhere about cloud web hosting’s cost effective measures than an organization with Hosting needs can avail. Cloud Hosting (cloud computing) can reduce overall hosting expenses, speed implementations, and scalability gives eye catching privileges to small companies and large organizations where they can easily add or remove web server resources according to their requirements. Eliminating physical intervention to include any additional hardware resource, which again contributes to cut down overall hosting costs. The evolution of cloud computing came along with its extra ordinary quality for users with Cloud hosting being promoted with tag lines  like “you only pay for what you use” read more