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eNlight Cloud – Who can use it?

eNlight Cloud Who Can Use It

If you are currently using a VPS for your website and related services, then the eNlight Cloud could be the perfect solution to allow you to expand your online presence. With auto-scaling Virtual Machines and an order process with which you can configure the precise specifications that you require, eNlight represents a solution that can save you money whilst offering you a more powerful hosting service without compromising on uptime or security.

eNlight Virtual Machines represent the ideal environment for people running their own web hosting companies.  Like other forms of hosting that offer a dedicated hosting environment, you can install a control panel such as Plesk or cPanel that can be used for website management on your Virtual Machine.  Your customers will be able to enjoy the speeds and scalability offered by the eNlight Cloud; if there is a particular website hosted on your server that begins to impact on the performance of your VM, additional resources can be hurried in to scale the VM up as necessary.  This auto-scaling can be beneficial in many different situations, for example, your business may launch a new product that could create a rush of traffic to your website. read more

FAQ: eNlight-Virtual Machines


1) What features does the control panel for the management of VMs?

The key features of the eNlight web-based control panel include:

  • * Create, modify and delete Virtual Machines
  • * Control the state of your virtual machines, so that you can Start, Stop and Reboot them as necessary
  • * Forecast your future bills
  • * Manage the disk space allocated to VMs
  • * Access a VMs console directly.

2) How do I create a new VM?

Creating a new eNlight VM is a very simple process:

  1. Select the template that you would like to use
  2. Optionally, set the maximum scale limits for RAM and CPU
  3. Click Create; your new VM should be ready for use in around 10 seconds.

3) Can I manage my eNlight Cloud?

You will be able to manage every aspect of your eNlight Cloud through the intuitive web-based control panel that we offer.

4) How do I check my VM’s resource usage through the control panel?

You can check the live resource usage of your VMs through the control panel.  Usage logs generated every 5 minutes can also be accessed. read more