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Want to Migrate Your Website from Cloud to cPanel Hosting?


Cloud and cPanel hosting both are the best but there are differences in their features. So, many times you need to migrate between cloud and cPanel hosting depending upon your business application needs.

The migration process is basically divided into three steps –

  • Take the backup of your website files as well as databases.
  • Take the backup of your email messages.
  • To submit upgrades/downgrades online.

After your new cPanel hosting package has been set up, follow the below steps –

  • Creating email accounts.
  • Uploading files to the cPanel server.
  • Importing of your database file.

Migrating from Cloud Hosting to cPanel Hosting –

Step 1 – Backing up your website files and databases

Firstly, using FTP download your website files. Then export a copy of database using php/MyAdmin. read more

Why Choose Cloud Servers from bodHOST?

What is a Cloud Server?

The Cloud Computing technology paradigm focuses on offering virtualized resources via the Internet to anyone, anywhere allowing them complete independence of any physical infrastructure, providing a dynamic, highly scalable to run your project. A Cloud Server is similar to a dedicated server only that the same is running in the cloud, this means that resources such as RAM, CPU, connectivity and disk storage used by each server are supplied through the cloud.

Why Choose bodHOST’s Cloud Servers?

eNlight Cloud Hosting solution from bodHOST offers a unique hosting environment that allows you to flexibly grow without limits or prior knowledge. Following are the characteristics of bodHOST’s eNlight Cloud solution that makes it the best among other cloud solutions offered by various providers in the industry. read more

Optimizing Virtual Networks With eNlight

Cloud Computing and virtual networks are a cost effective ways to manage company data. In the old days of computer networking, reboots were necessary whenever system upgrades or downgrades needed to be performed. eNlight Cloud offers a way around such obstacles. As an IT manager, your goal should be to save your organization both time and money while utilizing data networks efficiently. If you agree with that last statement, then consider moving your data network to an automated virtual server.

Automated Performance On a Budget read more

VMWare New Licensing Model

The new innovations in the EMC company (subsidiary of VM) created the impression that VMware customers with the wishes of affordability will get the license at a lower price tag. The VMware licenses are expensive, they now needed more licenses for the same amount of hardware than before.

The present licensing model makes more sense than the older one. VMware’s rapid growth and increased profit ratio helps them to set new affordable pricing structure for the cloud hosting provision. In 2010 revenue of VM grew by 31%, which clearly indicates rise in its popularity. read more


PHPMotion script is a good resource for video sharing application and our lot of customers using it adequately. The most important thing about this script is that it is updated with time to time and it’s free to use as well. Hence, it is helpful for improving performance and fixing any security loop holes.

You can say this media sharing content management system (in short – Video CMS), which is also free to use and it supports other types of media as well (mp3 audio sharing). This software allows you to create and run your own video sharing website such as music, and picture sharing website. To run PHPMotion based website is very simply and if you have a adequate knowledge the can produce fine results with it. In addition, it’s very easy to run your own video website like YouTube, Daily Motion, etc…. read more

Difference Between VPS and Cloud Server Hosting

VPS is one of the most important and effective technologies in the web hosting world. Thanks to VPS  Hosting, it is possible to economize on costs while not cutting back on the quality of service. What happens is that a single server is divided into many virtual servers and still is capable to permit all the resources of a dedicated server. It is the midpoint between dedicated and shared hosting.

The most important features of VPS are that it is user friendly so that applications and software can run with ease. It permits the option to add more resources if necessary which make sit the proper solution for many businesses. It is also capable to host a number of unique websites. VPS are eventually cheaper than the other hosting services.
Unlike cloud hosting the VPS is your responsibility. Initially you will have to work on all the basics, sort out security, get updates and perform maintenance. Performance may also be a problem as you have to share resources on the same server.
On the other side cloud hosting is a service which provides power and resources from a network of servers. The cloud as it is many times called is the provision of computing resources that have been grouped cooperatively and delivered through the internet. This means there is no limit on the use or server resources. It optimizes on bandwidth with the utilize of major connectivity providers and fully redundant networks.
Depending on their requirement, the resources are allocated to the users as much or as little as and when required. It is very low cost and reliable service. Companies will also be content to know that will not subject any additional overhead or require to purchase any additional inventory to utilize the service. Another great advantage is that it bills the customer on what they use only. Its billing process is much like a utility bill. This is a relief to many as they will have the added security of knowing that they will not incur any charges for services that they did not use at all during the billing period. read more

Cloud Server Hosting – An Unique Platform for Business Operations

Cloud server hosting users experience the higher performance of the servers. Cluster of network servers play the important role here, thus, as per the requirements users can easily increase CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, and Bandwidth.   Virtual environment of Cloud is much better than virtual private servers and shared hosting, however, comparatively it is expensive, but on the other hand it is a much better option. Cloud hosting is gaining popularity at a rapid pace and it is being adopted by most of the organizations and government bodies around the world as well. The most important benefit of  cloud server is that it reduces the issues of downtime to a great extent. read more