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Introduction to the Eleven Key Components of OpenStack – Part 1


What is this OpenStack? Does that mean opening the stack of applications? No no…that’s a set of software tools in order to build and manage cloud computing platforms for both public as well as private clouds. OpenStack basically, helps in managing the pool of resources in any datacenter by turning all the set of these software tools into a pool of resources that can be managed from a single place.

Understanding the Terms in OpenStack –

Since OpenStack is a set of software tools for constructing and managing cloud computing platforms for all three types of clouds, it’s made of several parts that are moving. Being an open source, there’s freedom to add additional components to OpenStack to meet the needs of the users. According to its community, there are nine key components that are a part of the “core” of it, distributed as a part of any OpenStack system and officially maintained by the community. Two more have been added to the list in the last Icehouse release, improving the figure to eleven from nine. read more

eNlight Cloud Computing vs RackSpace vs Amazon vs Gogrid

Today we are going to compare eNlight cloud configuration tool with the other leading cloud service providers.

eNlight cloud configuration tool:

This is the simplest cloud server configuration tool than others. With eNlight, you have the full freedom to choose resources according to requirements. It means that you are actually in charge to select each and everything about your cloud server. Hence, I would say this is a true cloud architecture model which justifies the term “Pay For What You Use”. Check the following image. read more