SysCP – Open Source Control Panel

SysCP is also an admin panel for hosting web services. It provides a web-based management for internet services. Its goal is to provide a software which enables the Administrator to easily manage his server from within a Web-browser.

Here are the applications that it manages:

* Apache, Apache 2.x, Lighttpd
* Bind9, PowerDNS
* Courier, Dovecot
* Postfix, Exim4
* ProFTP, pureftp
* Awstats, Webalizer

Note that this is the only list that offers alternatives to Apache, Bind, AWStats and Courier / Cyrus.

It offers as a service and more:

* Email Template
* Newsletter for customer and reseller
* Log in using the panel
* Custom Error Pages
* Support for DKIM DNS records & / SPF
* Multi-lingual
* Application Installer
* Incident Management System (ticketing)
* Third Module:
o module for Mailman mailing lists
o WebFTP SysCP with style
o Amavisd-new policy module
o Backup module
o Fetchmail module
o Maildrop Module
o Mailtraffic module
o Offer Module
o SpamAssassin settings module
o Roundcube, Squirrelmail and Other Webmailers Supported

SysCP seems really interesting and complete solution, which differs from the others and would be able to use Lighttpd, PowerDNS and Dovecot.

About Paul Lopez

Paul Lopez, a technology writer and sales & marketing executive at, a cloud & dedicated server hosting company based in New Jersey.
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