Domain Name Level DNS Management

DNS Management

If you want to learn how to set up your email and domain forwarding, then this article will teach you how to accomplish this.

It’s possible to register a domain with us and not have us host it. This can be done by forwarding the domain to an existing site with an A record. You can also manage this yourself if this is something that you’re capable of doing. If you run into any problems you can always open a support ticket and we can get the issue resolved for you.

To set up Domain Forwarding or manage your DNS it required that change your name severs to the following: read more

Ten Simple Commands to Check Your Disk Space

Disk Usage

The ‘du’ command in Linux is a standard Unix/Linux command to check the capacity of disk used by files and directories on a machine. There are several parameter options in which the du command can be utilized to get the results in many formats. Additionally, the du command can be used in a recurrent manner.

Below are the ten useful ‘du’ commands with their examples that will help you to calculate the disk space occupied by the files and directories in Linux.

  1. To calculate the disk space summary of a /home/bodhost directory tree along with its sub directories, enter the below command –

The output displays the number of disk blocks in the /home/bodhost directory as well as its sub-directories. read more

When is the Right Time to Upgrade to Public Cloud?

Upgrade to Public Cloud“As cloud computing grows in popularity the demand for high capacity storage devices diminishes. Lowering the amount of money you have to spend to save your companies data.”

We are living in the world of applications wherein we have an app developed for every single activity performed and which creates a direct impact on business as well as the brand. If your potential end-user experiences dissatisfaction with your app, he is surely going to switch to your rival app. To avoid this situation, big organizations keep every solution ready prior to opening the throttle. read more

How To Perform A Full Website Backup?

how to perform cPanel backups

Performing a backup within your cPanel is a simple and straightforward process.  Normally we recommend our clients take their own backups. Backups on Shared and Reseller servers are guaranteed, but it is always good to have own copy of backups, as we all know “better safe than sorry” is the key to success. Knowing this our clients can make the best decision when buying hosting.

Getting a direct backup from your cPanel is a straightforward and easy process. Here is how you do it:

  1. First you must log into your channel
  2. Go to the files sub section and look for the backups link
  3. Choose complete a full website backup
  4. Make the “Home Directory” the backup destination

After performing the steps, let the process run for a few minutes and when you come back and refresh you should now see the backup available to download. Ensure that you download it to your local machine and keep it in a safe place. read more

Intel Xeon E5-2600 Expands its v4 with 22 Core

E5-2600 v4With 22 Core, 14 nm engraving, security and telemetry functions strengthened, Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 meet the performance requirements of servers.

With metronomic pace, Intel respects its timing for processors renewal for servers. Thus, unveils the successor of Xeon E5-2600 v3 that worked on the micro-architecture Haswell. For v4, Intel preferred micro-architecture Broadwell instead of Haswell. The latter is known in the world of mainstream processors and has been adapted to the world of data centers and especially Cloud. read more

The Excellence of Virtual Disaster Recovery

The Excellence of Virtual Disaster Recovery

The elegance of technology has made our life styles easier than yesterday. It is developing day by day. The best example for its grace is Software. It has eliminated the complexity of different aspects. Everything is happening now in a fraction of seconds! But it has got up with a negative trait as well. If anything goes wrong, sometimes the data which is stored gets formatted instantly. This leads to countless number of problems. Mainly in computers, which are used officially, there exist confidential data which should not be disclosed. If such information gets erased, the company suffers form a lot of problems. To eliminate this burden, Virtual Disaster Recovery has taken birth which allows a back up for the data. read more

Did you know Raspberry Pi 3 can be used as Web Server?

Raspberry Pi 3 Web Server

Well, you read rightly – the Raspberry Pi 3 can be used as a Web Server. Even for relatively high loads. The only difficulty is the lagging storage.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is very confident in the effectiveness of its ARM solutions. More than an educational tool for Geeks, the organization sees the Raspberry Pi as a new form of a system, able to hunt on the lands of traditional desktops machinery or servers.

“Can you replace your $10,000 server for $35 or $40 machine? The answer was no until now”, said by the Foundation. With the Pi 2 and 3 things, however, seem to be able to change. Thus, during the launch campaign of Pi 3, it was added as reinforcement of the existing server infrastructure. 5% of queries were redirected to a Pi 3 and 3% to a Pi 2. Redirect tests – 25% of traffic to the Pi 3 was conducted successfully and without any noticeable slowdowns. read more

8 Steps to Ensure DRaaS is Implemented Successfully

8 steps for DRaaS implementation

Planning to activate disaster recovery as a service? That’s a crucial step for your business. Evaluating the business requirements for DR by revising the business impact analysis (BIA) results that identify mission-critical IT assets and data is important prior to applying for DR as a service. Through the results of BIA, you can get specified recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) for your mission-critical IT assets.

Ensure that the vendor is an expert and is able to support your RTOs and RPOs. After the evaluation, analyze data and determine the tasks of the DR as a service vendor – for instance – server backup, data backup, DR plan development or DR plan testing. read more

17 Essential Things That Your Business Disaster Recovery Plan Should Contain

Business Disaster Recovery Plan

A business disaster occurs when the essential elements of a business are unable to function as normal over a long period of time. Such a disaster can be caused by several things. This includes natural catastrophes, equipment failure or human personnel failure. To deal with a business disaster effectively, you need to have a recovery plan in place.

A good recovery plan has two main facets. First, it aims at preventing such disasters from happening and second it aims at helping you restore everything back to normal after disaster strikes. read more

Learn to Perform Virtual Disaster Recovery with this Simple Guide

Virtual Disaster Recovery

Today, organizations completely depend on the virtual machines for storing their critical data as well as applications and need them to always remain available. This is where the virtual disaster recovery comes into the picture. Virtual disaster recovery focuses on taking the backups of the virtual machines instead of the physical servers. VM backup can be taken in three ways – image-based, agent-based and server-less backup. Data replication helps the workloads to move independently between VMs and arrive rapidly after recovery, without the need of manual re-launching of OS and application on a physical server. read more