How to install VMware on a CentOS 5.0?

Open a terminal – Applications>Accessories>Terminal
> To become root – type su>uname-r>The output will show kernel version
> Installation of packages – Applications>add/remove
> Type in root password
> In Package manager>go to browser tab>Select Development > Development Libraries and Development > Development Tools
> Search tab>and search for xinetd and select the package for installation
> For the installation, install kernel-devel package
> Click on Apply
> Proceed with the installation
> To download VMware, you can log on to the website and download
> Accept agreement and download the .tar.gz file
> In order to recieve a VM registeration no., you will need to login and register with personal details
> To install VMware > Applications>Accessories>Terminal
> Type su for root
> locate the file
> Unzip the file and install
> While installation, you can add in the serial number you recieved through registeration.
> Search for VMware > Applications > System Tools
> Select local host
> You can thereafter create virtual machines

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