How to configure Word-Press MU in cPanel?

If you want to start internal blogging community in your organization for employees, where each member will have its own page to blog something. You should give each member a unique domain such as

You should use Word-Press for your blogging community. For this You need to create sub-domains and install WP on each sub domain.

1] Login to Word-Press cPanel >> Select Sub-Domain option.

2] Create Sub-domain ( >> Once sub-domain created >> Go-Back to Main Control Panel.

3] Now select Fantastico option to install Word-Press.

4] Select WordPress >> Choose New WordPress Installation.

5] To install WordPress on Subdomain >> Click on drop-down box to select subdomain.

6] Leave the install in directory option empty.

7] Insert Word-Press UserName and Passwrod.

8] Base configuration information will be same.

9] Click on Install Word-Press Button.

10] Word-Press Will be Installed.

11] Click on Finish the Installation Button.

12] open in your web browser.

13] login to Word-Press (

14] Your Word-Press MU blog is ready to use.

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