By | February 26, 2011

Almost any kind of business website can take an advantage in its targeted niche market form a FAQs writing. FAQ consists as of frequently asked questions, with appropriate answers. A well-rounded, well written FAQ can solve the most usual concern issues of customers and spontaneously cut down the required time to answer their questionnaires through email.

The development of FAQMasterFlex is exactly based on the above information, as it stands to make easier maintenance of frequently asked questions and storing themselves into the database.

The creation of a FAQ web page with this web application is forthright. What you need to do, just install this application through cPanel/Fantastico and finish the essential steps to complete the installation process. Once the installation process gets completed you can log in to administrative area with admin user-name and password, then you can create your FAQ by including categories. Eventually, you can add points to each FAQ category by completing a form with required fields for both questions and answers.

How it works? When your website visitor get through on a FAQ category, a new pop up window will be opened with a list of the questions incorporated within the category. Once they click on a question they will get your answer for that question, however, website visitors should be enabled a JavaScript option in their web browser if it is disabled.

The simple administration interface allows you to add, delete or edit categories and points within each category. In addition you can also change user-names and passwords for the authorized use to modify the FAQs. Additionally, there are no limitation to include number of categories and points in your FAQ. The only limitation is disk space of your web hosting plan.

Benefits of this web application.

With the help of FAQs your website will look more attractive and professional than usual websites. It saves your lot of time so when your potential customers looking for the most common questions answer related to your products and services, they can simply visit your FAQ web page to get the answers for the rest of all their questions. However, there is only one drawback of this system, if you want to match look and feel of this application to your website, you will need to modify a CSS file, but this is just a minor flaw of the worthy web application so as compare to its advantageous features it is most likely nothing to consider.