Creating Multiple Web Hosting Accounts Through WHM

WHM is the administrator control panel for your reseller or VPS account. If you want to create multiple account using WHM, then you can follow the following points :

1. You have to make a ‘package’ : Usually while designing a web hosting package, you should include the basics like how much web space, bandwidth, mailboxes etc you want to assign for each package. You should have a range of different packages so customers can choose the one that suits their requirements the best. You can create a package through WHM> Left Menu> Click on ‘Add Packages’ under ‘Packages’

2. You have to create an accounts from WHM : Go to account functions, then create an Account.

3. log into cPanel: After you create your account you have to log  into cPanel for that particular account through http://IP Address:2082 (IP Address = Actual IP address of the server) or

Customers can manage their cpanel reseller hosting or linux vps hosting account through cPanel (control panel). If user want to add FTP, MySQL and e-mail accounts, then they can also utilize cPanel.

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