Creating multiple instances with OpenVPN

By | April 4, 2015

In this tutorial we will see how to create multiple instances on dedicated server with OpenVPN!

Depending on where you are, it happens that some ports are blocked or filtered. Rather than having each time to redo your configuration to adapt to the new port, it is easier to create a specific configuration port.

It should be noted that since the recent version of OpenVPN, the application will default launch all configurations found in the file “/ etc / openvpn” that is to say, all the files in “.conf “.

Now we will see the configuration part:

The only prerequisite is that this configuration uses a different DHCP range and a different port. It is necessary to change the following lines:

– port 443

– Server

Left a configuration file for port 443 and right for port 80:

So there would be no conflict between the two configurations files. Thereafter it will add a new iptables to allow the new VPN NAT:

Thereafter we can ensure that both configurations are functional:

With this configuration management, the management of your VPN will be more flexible!