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Intel Xeon E5-2600 Expands its v4 with 22 Core

E5-2600 v4With 22 Core, 14 nm engraving, security and telemetry functions strengthened, Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 meet the performance requirements of servers.

With metronomic pace, Intel respects its timing for processors renewal for servers. Thus, unveils the successor of Xeon E5-2600 v3 that worked on the micro-architecture Haswell. For v4, Intel preferred micro-architecture Broadwell instead of Haswell. The latter is known in the world of mainstream processors and has been adapted to the world of data centers and especially Cloud. read more

Analyze the Top Five Web Log Analyzers in 2016

top five web log analyzers

Websites that are directly boosting the business growth are always complicated for business owners and the technical support team. Owners are always excited to learn about hits generated up-to-date and which product pages are being accessed frequently in comparison to others. This information is significant for them to keep a track on sales and profit. Also, they are interested in the customer trends like for instance, they might want to find if the Web users are accessing particular set of products just because there’s some discount offered on those products. read more

Dual-Booting Linux with Windows – Points to Note

Dual Booting

Windows isn’t the only free operating system you can install on your computer. You can also run Linux through a USB drive by installing it on your machine, without enhancing your existing system.

If you prefer to use Linux distribution besides Windows as a dual boot system, you will get choice of two operating systems each time you start your machine. Several users find it an ideal way to install Linux so that they can get back to complete Windows system simply with a reboot.

It’s better to install Linux after Windows read more

The Simple Solution to Displaying Code on a WordPress Site

Wordpress Code

For the uninitiated the task of displaying code on a WordPress site can seem more than a little daunting; we will simplify the process and guide you to a successful conclusion.

Firstly WordPress are quite strict, they will block attempts to post raw code, whether it be attached to comments or widgets. This from a security point of view is quite reasonable. However the facility to share ‘snippets’ on your blog is an absolute must.

So straight to the point, in order to display time saving ‘snippets’ of code then first install the Syntax Highlighter Evolved plugin. Once you have activated the plugin it needs to be configured; do this by going to ‘settings’ then ‘Syntax Highlighter’. It should be relatively straight forward. read more

Man In The Middle Attack – The Rising Threat to Internet Users


Online security has become a significant topic for all online businesses today. Though technology is gearing up in terms of security, there are new strategies been developed by the threat players. One of them is the man-in-the-middle attack (MITM). It’s posing a serious threat to online security since the attacker can seize and deploy the sensitive information in real-time.

A MITM is a snooping attack where the communications between two persons is monitored and modified by an authorized party. The monitoring is done by intercepting a public key message exchange and then is retransmitted with the replacement of public key with its own. read more

Are the Hyper-V Containers in Windows Server 2016 Really Secure?

hyper-v container-1

With the recent announcement of Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview-4, Microsoft has no doubt proven that it’s enhancing the server capabilities, on-premises as well as on cloud-based platforms. Windows Server 2016 was the outcome of collaboration of Microsoft with Docker that completely embraced the container technology with both Hyper-V and Docker. Features of containers like faster deployment, lightweight resource demands and vast scalability have been alluring the IT industry. But unfortunately a popular container engine from Docker based on Linux is struggling to resolve major security issues. read more

IIS 10 Features view – What is New?

IIS 10 New Features


In all the web hosting news you might have noticed the buzz around Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016 and Windows 10. But there is one more thing that may light up your interest more, i.e. IIS 10. So let’s see what it has new on the table:


If you’ve accessed Windows Server 2016 technical preview and Windows 10, then you might have noticed that IIS 10 isn’t any different than these two. How? Check the below feature and their anatomy:

1) HTTP/2

In the 2nd technical previews’ of Windows Server 2016 and in Windows 10, HTTP/2 is by default enabled and in IIS 10 it’s the same thing, so you need not enable it twice in the value registry, and no need for a reboot. read more

.htaccess File ignored now what?

.htaccess file ignored


It may be that you are trying to use an .htaccess file on your Dedicate Server to do URL rewriting, authentication, management, handling error pages, etc Except that at the time of you perform the tests you notice that nothing happens, then you certainly start thinking now what…

In fact, this is due to the configuration of your website in Apache and particularly the value assigned to “AllowOverride”, which stipulates that default does not take into account the type of files in .htaccess. read more

SQL Database Mirroring –Introduction to Operating Modes

In the last part of SQL database mirroring, you have learnt about database mirroring and why it’s called as SQL database mirroring. Now, let’s take a look at the operating modes of SQL database mirroring. SQL database mirroring can prove beneficial in terms of high availability and disaster recovery by setting it up to different operating modes. A DBA can choose among the three modes as below, depending on their requirements –

High-Performance Mode –

The high-performance mode operates asynchronously when the transaction safety is turned OFF. In this mode, only the principle server and mirror server come into picture where data is written and committed on the principle server. Later, the data is sent and committed to the mirror server. There’s no chance of automatic failure and also no usage of witness server – read more