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Want to Block an IP Address? Here a Solution…


You might sometimes need to block a specific IP address from accessing your server for several reasons. Follow the simple instructions below which include creating an IPSec Security Policy specifying to block access to specific IP address –

Step 1 – Hover your mouse to Start Menu and click on Run.

Step 2 – Type “secpol.msc” in the run window and click OK.

Step 3 – The Local Security Settings window will open. Click on “IP Security Policies on Local Computer”.

Step 4 – Go to the right window pane, right-click and select “Create IP Security Policy”. read more

How to save a MySQL Database quickly with MySQLDump in Linux?



In a previous tutorial, we have seen how to save a MySQL Database with MySQLDump in Windows (WAMP). Today, we will see the quickest way to save a MySQL Database in Linux. For information database, the backup can also be done through a script which allows saving a database or set of databases. But the script can be a little too complex for easy to use tool for backup, natively available in MySQL. So here, we are going to see how to save a MySQL database by using Linux command line.

So we will use the command line for mysqldump that can save a database to store it in a .sql file that can be back later as well. In short, the sql file will contain a set of commands that, when it will be read by MySQL and will present the data to its original state (when it was backed up). MySQLDump is directly included in the installation of a MySQL Server. Suppose I want to save the database “bod007″ 🙂 in the file “bod007_nil84aug.sql”, I will use the following command: read more

4 Steps to Get IP Address of all VMs in Hyper-V

4-Steps-to-Get-IP-Address-of-all-VMs-in-Hyper-VIn this short & sweet tutorial we will try to make our system admins job easier to manage Hyper-V platform, at least I hope. Whether for export, to find who own an IP address or to find an available IP address, etc… You may need to know quickly what are the IP addresses used by your VM on a Hyper-V host.

For this, we will rely on the Hyper-V module for PowerShell and specifically the Get-VM cmdlets.

So let’s see how to get VM IP with PowerShell

1. Open a PowerShell console (run as administrator) and enter the following command:

2. The widespread property of “NetworkAdapters” benefits us, so we will select:

3. Again if we remade a Get-Member about this command, you will get a number of important sub-properties, we will select a few:

read more

How to Save a Database with MySQLDump in WAMP?


Today, we will learn how to save a MySQL database on Windows environment, after installing a web server WAMP. We will use a native tool that comes with MySQL i.e. MySQLDump.

In this tutorial, we are going to use WAMP 2.5 and will name the backup as “mydb”.

Database Saving

We will have to open a Windows command prompt. Building on the executable “mysqldump” then can quickly backup a database.

We jump by assigning the directory where the executable file is located and then mysqldump.exe with the –u option to the user name, –p option to be asked the password and following your options as it is necessary to indicate the name of the database. Then the end of the line to record the output to a file named “mabase.sql” and located the directory “C:\Backup”. read more

How to Create Custom Name Servers for Your Dedicated Server?


There’s a great crowd of web masters searching on custom name servers, especially for branding. But what does it really do? It permits you to run your own name server for responding to DNS requests for your domains. Custom name servers are significant required by those using dedicated servers or VPS servers as they need to have root access on their servers as this allows to modify the DNS zones. Also, when you are naming your DNS server with a custom name, there’s no risk of security.

Our Public Name Servers – read more

What details one need to provide for SSL certificate?

SSL Certificate

Once you place an order for your SSL Certificate, then in order to issue an SSL certificate for your domain, then we require the following information to process the order and install the certificate on your domain.

You also need to provide us the access you your email account (temporary access), i.e. ‘[email protected]’ (replace webmaster with your actual ID and with the actual domain on which the SSL certificate is to be set up) and provide us with the password so that we can complete the installation process. read more

Installing Docker on CentOS 7 in Four Simple Steps


Are you new to Docker? Docker is an open-source, container-based software framework for creating and managing Linux containers (LXC) in an easy manner. What are containers? Containers are lightweight, encapsulated and portable application modules.

When talking about benefits, Docker helps the coders and system admin for their application development in a container and further can be scaled up to 1000 of nodes.

In this post we will be discussing upon the basic installation of Docker in CentOS 7.x – read more

Turn the designer mode on in phpMyAdmin


Today, we will see how to turn designer mode on in phpMyAdmin!

The designer mode in phpMyAdmin allows us to view databases, tables and the various fields that make the form of a diagram. One can also easily view there the relationship between tables. It is a very convenient mode when one is often trying to design, modify or explore the database systems.

For this tutorial, we are going to see how to activate this designer mode in phpMyAdmin (4.1). Just for the information this tutorial has been validated under WAMP.

Activation of Designer Mode

So let’s begin, to activate designer mode we’ll start by going to find a file names as in the phpMyAdmin installation directory. read more

How to control bandwidth in Linux?


Trickle and WonderShaper:

When we start working on a lot machines specifically Linux servers, it is interesting to know how we can control or limit the bandwidth. This can be useful in different contexts, for an instance, as part of a dedicated server or shared server infrastructure where we can control a download or app taking all traffic over other network users. It could very well put QoS or other technologies, but the tools that we are going to see in this post allow putting a limitation on the bandwidth which normally used pretty quickly and easily in Linux. read more

How Does R1Soft Backup Work?

The Internet is Internet and many things can happen so it’s good to have an off-site backup solution like R1Soft for data protection. bodHOST’s R1Soft system will enable you to restore files and folders to your account at barely a few clicks. The R1Soft console panel offered by us can help you to restore files, folders or even entire disk from Disk safe panel. Even, I would say R1Soft backup solution is the bee’s knees. Why I am saying this? Check the below steps and decide whether my claim is right or wrong! read more