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Comparison between E5-1620 v3 and E5-2620 v3

E5-1620 v3 vs E5-2620 v3


You might have noticed that bodHOST offers two special servers based on these two processors at very competitive price range along with a complete management solution that you will hardly find elsewhere. Anyway, this is not the primary point of today’s our discussion. What we are going to see is, head to head comparison between these two members in the same family, as many still get confused when it comes to the selection, as both are popular and unique features.

So let’s start the comparison!

Advantages of E5-1620 v3

  1. With this series you get a higher operating frequency that helps to achieve better performance for mission critical applications.
  2. The best part is its CPU that supports faster memory with 2133 MHz data rate. That means you get more memory bandwidth which is advantageous for your memory bound programs.
  3. You will also notice performance gains for your applications, which are not memory bound.
  4. In addition, the price of the processor is comparatively less than the price of E5-2620 v3 Microprocessor.

Advantages of E5-2620 v3 read more

How to Migrate the Database from MS SQL to MySQL?

ms-sql-to-mysqlThere are several companies that prefer migrating their database from MS SQL to MySQL. It becomes essential for enterprises to migrate to MySQL when there are few MS SQL server database around. There might be some other reasons as below that can be considered for migrating from MS SQL to My SQL –

  • MySQL supports numerous operating systems including Solaris, Linux distros and Mac which the MS SQL doesn’t support.
  • MS SQL server requires huge license and support fees while MySQL is less expensive.
  • Implementation of highly scalable database infrastructure.
  • MySQL database comes with several advanced features that have been tested intensively over years by a huge open source community.

You can migrate data from MS SQL to MySQL, by using “MySQL Workbench” utility. Installing MySQL Workbenchbecomes easy with the installation of “Oracle MySQL installer for windows” that includes installation of several MySQL tools along with Workbench. read more