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Install cPanel on a Virtual Server Running CentOS 6 with 7 Simple Steps

An easy application, cPanel enables monitoring of servers through a GUI interface instead of the command line. It’s a fact that the cPanel installation is moderately straightforward but the script takes only a few hours to run.

Extra Details About cPanel –

After the installation of cPanel, it’s not possible to expel from the server if it isn’t completely restored. There’s no uninstaller offered by cPanel.

Setup Steps –

Prior to cPanel installation, it’s essential to take two additional steps – read more

Smartermail vs. Mailenable – What does it hold for you?

Smartermail vs. Mailenable

With communication being essential in today’s day and age, choosing the right email server is vital. When it comes to the best servers like Smartermail and Mailenable, we strive to deeply evaluate features in order to see which is the most exclusive, down to the tee.

SmarterMail, an award-winning service, is currently benefiting small businesses and large corporate organizations with the most flexible and reliable email server available, giving administrators and users more control over the accounts. read more

Dirty Cow Vulnerability – Check How Dirty It Is?

dirty-cow-vulnerabilityDirty cow vulnerability mainly affects major Linux Operating Systems. Below is the impact of this vulnerability –

Existing since nine years, the Dirty Cow vulnerability is found in Linux kernel and is privilege escalation vulnerability.  A security expert Phil Oester found this vulnerability that can be present in about every available Linux distribution.

A race condition was found in the way the memory subsystem of Linux kernel handled the copy-on-write (COW) breakage of private read-only-memory mappings. This flaw can be misused by an unprivileged local user to gain write access to other read-only memory mappings and further increase their privileges on the system. read more

How to Change the Listening Port for Remote Desktop?


Remote Desktop features in Microsoft Windows XP Professional can be used to connect to your computer from another remote computer.

Here’s an article on steps to change the port that Remote Desktop listens on.

Note: The Remote Desktop Connection Client for the Mac is supportive to only port 3389 which is the default port.

Warning: If the listening port is changed, the Remote Assistance feature in Microsoft Windows XP may not work correctly.

To change the port that Remote Desktop listens on, follow the below steps – read more

My Website is not working

Site Optimization

If you have a website, whether for business or leisure, you may have found certain days where your website just doesn’t load. There could be an array of reasons for this which includes elements such as:

The website domain name could be expired

Many people think your domain name needs a registration and thereafter, all is good. However, your domain needs to be renewed on an annual basis. If you cannot access your website, visit the website called and punch in your domain name. This will generate a status update to let you know if your domain name needs to be renewed and if it does, contact your domain registrar. Should this be the issue, simply pay the outstanding amount and your registrar will reactivate your domain and your website will be back up and running. read more

HTTP Status and Error Codes

HTTP Status and Error Codes

HTTP status and error codes are responses that are given by the website servers. The status codes are informational codes while HTTP error codes show an error.

The purpose of these codes is to communicate the cause of the issue so that it can be resolved. You must have seen most of these codes on the internet while browsing like HTTP 404, HTTP 500 and others.

Every HTTP status and error code has two parts:

  1. The code (such as HTTP 404)
  2. The reason phrase (such as Not found)

The phrases are simple phrases that explain the code and are helpful in making sense of the code. For instance, an HTTP 404 error code doesn’t make much sense but HTTP 404 Page Not Found makes sense that the page on the website is not found. read more

Domain Name Level DNS Management

DNS Management

If you want to learn how to set up your email and domain forwarding, then this article will teach you how to accomplish this.

It’s possible to register a domain with us and not have us host it. This can be done by forwarding the domain to an existing site with an A record. You can also manage this yourself if this is something that you’re capable of doing. If you run into any problems you can always open a support ticket and we can get the issue resolved for you.

To set up Domain Forwarding or manage your DNS it required that change your name severs to the following: read more

The Excellence of Virtual Disaster Recovery

The Excellence of Virtual Disaster Recovery

The elegance of technology has made our life styles easier than yesterday. It is developing day by day. The best example for its grace is Software. It has eliminated the complexity of different aspects. Everything is happening now in a fraction of seconds! But it has got up with a negative trait as well. If anything goes wrong, sometimes the data which is stored gets formatted instantly. This leads to countless number of problems. Mainly in computers, which are used officially, there exist confidential data which should not be disclosed. If such information gets erased, the company suffers form a lot of problems. To eliminate this burden, Virtual Disaster Recovery has taken birth which allows a back up for the data. read more

How To Ensure Your Visitors Use The Dedicated SSL

Dedicated SSL

When your visitors are submitting personal and sensitive information on your website it is necessary to make them use a SSL encrypted connection. A SSL encrypted connection ensures that the sensitive data that is being submitted on a website goes through a secure encrypted route which cannot be read by anyone except the party that you are submitting the information to. If you need help, using a SSL encrypted connection that BodHost offers to our shared hosting customers then please read our article on “forcing your visitors to use the shared ssl”. read more

How To Force your site visitors to use shared SSL connection

Shared SSL Connection

From time to time, our technical support department is asked how to direct website visitors to view a website over HTTPS. Here is an example:

If a visitor goes to a website using, this is not secure so you can force them to always use the shared SSL certificate which is secure and encrypted so no one can see any data being transmitted except the party sending and the party receiving it. Shared SSL’s are included on all our Shared Hosting plans as standard. If you are not familiar with SSL certificates, please view our article on it. If you have a dedicated SSL and want to make all of your website traffic use your dedicated SSL we have a helpful tutorial on that on our knowledge base page. read more