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Creating An Add-on Domain In cPanel

If you want to create an Add- on domain in your cPanel then you have to follow the following points :

1. You have to log into your cPanel.

2. Select the “Add-on Domains” option.

3. After select “Add-on Domains”, you can see the following page.

4. Enter the new domain which you want to point.
5. Enter the username/ directory name.
6. Create a password for the Add-on domain. It should be 6 to 8 characters
7. Select “Add” button which is present below.
8. At this stage, you would have successfully created an add-on domain. The FTP access is automatically setup  by cPanel. Now you should upload your files to, because cPanel automatically creates sub folders in the root(public_html)directory for the newly created add-on domain. read more

WHM : How to Edit or Delete Web Hosting Packages

First let’s learn how to edit an existing hosting package.

1. Log In to WHM >> Click on the Packages Link

2. Now Click on the Edit Packages Link >> All the packages that you created in WHM would all be listed there.

3. Edit a Package >> Select the package that you want to edit >> Click the Edit Button

Next Screen will display the package details that you want edit such as you can change the following details.

  • Package name
  • Quota
  • Max FTP accounts
  • Max Email Lists
  • Max SQL Database
  • Max Sub Domains
  • Max Parked Domains
  • Max Addon Domains
  • Bandwidth Limit
  • cPanel Theme
  • IP Address
  • Etc….

4. When you are finished with your changes, click the edit button >> That’s it. The package has been modified as per your new specifications. read more

Web Host Manager (WHM) : Log In Steps

In order to login WHM you must have your log in details such as Log in IP address, User Name, Password. For an instance we assumes you already have all the required details.

1. First thing you must do is open your Internet web browser and make sure you are not behind free proxy IP address.

2. Click on your web browser’s address bar and enter http:// address of your WHM.

3. That IP address of WHM includes an IP address, followed by the suffix : 2086

4. Simply click on Go Button or Press Enter button. read more

Plesk 8.0

What is Plesk?

It is a web server administration control panel. Highly recommended for windows web hosting to cope up the website management. It is well similar to cPanel, Ensim, and others. For an instance, you can manage windows server administration with the help of Plesk such set up new websites, email accounts, and DNS entries via a web based interface. As similar to cPanel, Plesk also easy to use so there is matter if you don’t have administration skills.

How to backup and restore files in Plesk 8 read more

How to change DNS setting in cPanel?

1] Go to cPanel >> Click on “Advanced DNS Zone Editor”

2] Once you will click on DNS Zone Editor, you will get list of DNS records .

3] Under Add a Record, you’ll see Zone File Records option.
You can click on ‘edit’ icon located to front of ‘A’ record and
replace IP address. For Ex. with new IP address >>
Save .

4] Once you will go through the steps your websites will get online
with in 2 hours.

If you have any questions or face any problems with this DNS updating,
kindly contact bodHOST 24×7 chat support & we’ll get this done for you. read more

cPanel – Web Host Manager for Server Management

The Web Host Manager is the mostly used control panel, in the administration of the web hosting plan. Through WHM, various hosting plans can be created and can add, remove, lock or unlock a domain. You can even change your passwords and check the website traffic generated at each domain.

Options available in your WHM control panel, and know what each option link for.

Server Setup (Server Settings)

Setup Remote Access Key – (Set passkey): Function aimed at programmers who want to interact with an external script Web Host Manager. This option generates a “key” to access the remote server. read more

cPanel Tutorials : How to Configure Add-on Domain

In cPanel Addon Domain is a feature which provides you to add extra domain name to your hosting account and each domain has its own separate website. (for example: &, etc) as your visitors can access each addon domain separately and each addon domain will appear as a completely different website.

To add an Addon Domain follow these steps:-

1) First log-in to your cPanel.

2)Click on Addon Domains icon and enter the following info:
New Domain Name: the addon domain which you like to add to your account (example:
Username/directory/subdomain Name: the name of the subfolder of your account to upload the files of that addon domain (example: bodhost)
Password: any password (NOT your main account password), this password will be used to access the special FTP account of that addon domain read more