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Joomla Tutorial: Converting Static Website To Joomla 1.5

This tutorial will help you to convert a static website ( Frontpage/ Dreamweaver) to Joomla 1.5

Its a difficult task to manage static websites. A simple text change requires you to first make those changes locally and then upload them to the hosting account.  This process in Joomla is simple with  the flexibility a CMS application.  Thats the reason so many people are This is why many people consider converting their static websites to Joomla. To convert your static website to Joomla, there are two processes involved: actual website data addition and redesigning your website. read more

How To Make A Poll in Joomla 1.5

This tutorial will help you to successfully make a poll for your website
Making a Poll in Joomla 1.5 :

You can add a ‘poll’ page to your Joomla website. Lets assume you want a feedback about your website from the site visitors. You can easily make a poll page as shown in the steps below:

Go to the Joomla admin area, go to components> Polls. Select ‘new’ from the menu.
You can name the poll ‘Please tell us how you like our website’
Now, on the left menu, you can put in the options eg: ‘Needs Improvement, Not Bad, Good, Superb..etc’
Save your poll. Now you have to publish it in your website.
Go to the menu at the top right. Check the ‘poll’ option from the list that is there. Click on next.
make the poll title: ‘How do you like our website’. Set the ‘Show title’ value to ‘no’.
Now go to Module parameters> poll select. Your poll will appear which you have to select.
In the top right menu, save your poll. Now your poll is published on your website front page. read more

How To Log into Joomla admin?

Once you install Joomla 1.5 pn your account, you are set to add the your site content.

So, if your site domain is, you can access the Joomla admin panel at

Once the admin page opens, you will have to log in to the admin area with your Joomla login information.

* Note this is just an example. Please use your actual domain name.

I cannot log in to the Joomla admin area:

Sometimes, even when you enter the log in email and password correctly, you can encounter errors while trying to login to the admin area. You can change the user password in the data base if you cannot log in after several attempts. You will require to have access to the MySQL database using phpMyAdmin. read more


What is PHPauction?

Phpauction is a software which help its customers to retain their privacy while they take advantage of what the Internet has to offer.PHPauction includes the main features for an auction website: Reserve price, Buy it now, Standard & Dutch auctions, Item & Auction watch, among many others. If you are planning to develop your own custom web-based auction site than it is a good starting point, easy to install and manage through web based installer and friendly administration back-end. Flexible, reliable & easy to customize. read more

Drupal Versions

What is Drupal ?

Explaining Drupal is a little bit tricky but we’ll explain you enough to gain a basic grasp of what it does. Drupal is a web-based content management system (CMS) and more. Drupal is an open-source content management system for building dynamic web sites offering a wide range of features and services including user administration, publishing workflow, discussion capabilities, news aggregation, metadata functionalities using controlled vocabularies and XML publishing for content sharing purposes.It is used to build web sites. Drupal is a highly modular, open source web content management framework with an emphasis on collaboration. read more