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Adding New Articles To CMS

A. You can learn how to a new articles in CMS.
B. This tutorial assumes you have already logged in to the CMS made simple admin console.
C. You have to select the “content” option >> Select the “News” option.

D. After scroll down you have to select on “Add Article” in the following page.

E. you have to scroll down and enter the news title in the title box.

F. Enter the news summary in the summary box. This will be shown with in the global content block.
G. After Scroll down you can see the following page where you can select a post date. Start date and expiration date. This is useful if you only want to show this news for a selected period. read more

Know More About PHPESP

If you wish to create online surveys for your business websites with complex clauses and also wish to view the results in quick time, Php ESP is the ideal application for you.

This application is highly effective, user friendly and you can create complex, custom made surveys, make real time analysis of the results.

Step 1: You have to download the recent version of phpESP to your desktop.
Step 2: Uncompress the downloaded file to a particular directory on your desktop.
Step 3: Upload the extracted files to your web hosting account through FTP to a particular directory of your selection. (e.g. /phpESP).
Step 4: Login to your Admin area cPanel, locate and click on MySQL Databases.
Step 5: Make a MySQL database name “phpesp” and save its name along with the username and password for future utilization.
Step 6: Also from within cPanel go to “PhpMyAdmin”, select the database you have just made, and click on “SQL”.
Step 7: Copy the content of the file named “mysql_populate.sql” which is available under “/public_html/phpesp/scripts/db”, and paste it into the SQL Form and click Go. This should create the database tables of phpESP. read more


PHPMotion script is a good resource for video sharing application and our lot of customers using it adequately. The most important thing about this script is that it is updated with time to time and it’s free to use as well. Hence, it is helpful for improving performance and fixing any security loop holes.

You can say this media sharing content management system (in short – Video CMS), which is also free to use and it supports other types of media as well (mp3 audio sharing). This software allows you to create and run your own video sharing website such as music, and picture sharing website. To run PHPMotion based website is very simply and if you have a adequate knowledge the can produce fine results with it. In addition, it’s very easy to run your own video website like YouTube, Daily Motion, etc…. read more

AccountLab Plus

Fantastico is an one-click auto script installer library that performs the automatic installation task of  web application on your web server. In this auto installer library users will find too many valuable PHP based scripts and each stands for different use. User can run all these scripts from administration area of a website control panel. Indeed, we are going to see use of Account Lab Plus, which is one of the popular script in Fantastico.

The main intent of this application is to provide affordable billing solution for web host. In terms of features and techniques this is an easy, flexible, and powerful application. The advanced coding design allows you to carry your customization work when you upgrade. read more


If you do not have the special programming knowledge, but you are willing to create an online surveys and questionnaires, then you have the best option to proceed. LimeSurvey is an open source application distributed under the general public license version 2. This application is written in PHP and worked with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS-SQL databases.

According to their official website, the latest and old versions of this application is freely available on  Sourceforge so if you want to choose any specific version, you can download it from the mentioned site. However, it is recommended that if you are using older versions of this application, you should upgrade it to the latest version. read more


A customer support desk or help desk is the essential part in any corporations who provides the products and services. Most probably organizations offer the customer support through Toll-free phone number, Live Chat, Email and Support ticket system. In addition, help desk support portal play the vital role to troubleshoot customer’s problems related to with products.

Osticket system is a good example of open source help desk support ticket system. If you planned to provide such kind of service to your clients you should consider this system, which seems uniform in quality calculates enquirers through email, phone and web based forms. As it is simple and easy to use multiple user web interface you can manage and organize all your support requests and answers in one place. In addition, you can improve your response time to solve the customer’s queries. read more

Noah’s Classifieds

Noah’s Classifieds is a system to create clasified ad campaigns which also supports ecommerce applications. It is a power packed system full of tools, templates, categories and subcategories, image upload for categories, custom email notifications, approval settings for classifieds, classified management and several more. This is an easy and efficient tool that supports a comprehensiver range of platforms, applications thus its quite popular. read more

Dotproject – Project Management Software

A web based interface, multiple user access, multiple language supporting application for the project management is the actual identity of dotproject. Similar to other kind of CMS software it is also an open source application and available free to use.

Dotproject is supported by an open community of programmers who perform the tasks willingly and without any pay. This open community usually maintain the most usual operations of this project to keep its performance advanced.

The main intent behind this application is to provide control functionality and project design to make it more useful to manage different project tasks smoothly, however, you need understand what project management is all about. read more

TikiWiki CMS/Groupware

Tikiwiki is a content management system, which allows you to create wiki based web sites. This application generally known as Tiki or TikiWiki and it is free to use as it is an open source CMS system written in PHP and distributed under LGPL (Lesser General Public License). Tiki has the number of collaborative features allowing it to operate as a Groupware web application. In other words it makes the simple job to enable web sites and portals on Internet, Intranets, and on a Extranet.

You will find all the necessary and usual features inside Tiki such as the ability to register and maintain single user accounts within a flexible and rich permission and privilege system, which helps to create and cope up menus, RSS-Feeds, Page Layout customization, Logging performance, and system administration. You can carry through all the administration tasks by using simple web based user interface. read more