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eNlight Cloud Computing vs RackSpace vs Amazon vs Gogrid

Today we are going to compare eNlight cloud configuration tool with the other leading cloud service providers.

eNlight cloud configuration tool:

This is the simplest cloud server configuration tool than others. With eNlight, you have the full freedom to choose resources according to requirements. It means that you are actually in charge to select each and everything about your cloud server. Hence, I would say this is a true cloud architecture model which justifies the term “Pay For What You Use”. Check the following image. read more

Advantages of Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud - Design

The emerging concept of cloud disaster recovery (cloud DR) solution is rapidly gaining acceptance, especially with the small and medium business segments. When disaster strikes your online business from a disaster can be a herculean task which may never restore your business to its previous position. While disasters can hit large and small enterprises alike, disaster preparedness is something that only the large enterprises can invest into. The advent of cloud computing is changing that- there are economic, technical and security benefits for SMBs. Business continuity planning has become cheaper and easier with cloud based disaster recovery solutions. Experts in the field are now talking favourably of a disaster recovery plan in the cloud as there are distinct benefits like cost effectiveness and simplicity of deployment which are not offered by traditional DR solutions. read more

Cloud Hosting for PHP and MySQL Web Developers

Cloud Hosting PHP

Bodhost offers several different levels of cloud hosting to meet the varying needs of businesses small and large. With all of our cloud hosting solutions being hosted out of our US data center, you can be assured that our cloud services are hosted in a Tier 3 data center environment so that we can guarantee you the highest levels of availability and the lowest levels of failure.

Web developers looking to create dynamic websites need to have knowledge of a particular scripting language that can provide them with the features to achieve this; PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages used by web developers and provides them with a wide selection of functions and components that they can use as part of their web applications. For every PHP website a web hosting plan is going to be a necessity and a cloud hosting solution could be the answer for businesses wanting an affordable solution that is still feature rich and can provide them with the room required to expand their online presence. read more

Cloud Computing 101

Imagine a corporate data center. Say, it has 100+ servers, air conditioning, power backup, line conditioners – all paid for and owned by the company — and skilled personnel to keep the data center running. Say it costs the company $350,000 per month, or $11,666 per day, to keep the data center operational. Whether it is a weekday, weekend, or the night before Christmas, the company continues to incur a daily cost of $11,666 towards the infrastructure.

Now imagine your local utility company that provides power to your home. They have huge plants full of equipment that you never had to pay for. When nobody is home and all lights are off, your home consumes only the minimum power required to run the equipment that hums along perpetually. However, when the whole family is at dinner, the washer-dryer is spinning, TVs are running, your power consumption spikes significantly. If the entire family goes vacationing to the Bahamas for a week, your power consumption reduces to a trickle. read more

VMWare New Licensing Model

The new innovations in the EMC company (subsidiary of VM) created the impression that VMware customers with the wishes of affordability will get the license at a lower price tag. The VMware licenses are expensive, they now needed more licenses for the same amount of hardware than before.

The present licensing model makes more sense than the older one. VMware’s rapid growth and increased profit ratio helps them to set new affordable pricing structure for the cloud hosting provision. In 2010 revenue of VM grew by 31%, which clearly indicates rise in its popularity. read more

vShield Detect Unprotected Sensitive Data and Protect it Automatically

The high availability of VMware vSphere has been improved. The site recovery manager is an automated fail-over solution for data centers. In the new version 5 up to 75 virtual machines can be automatically restored. Those who are already used to working with virtual machines can feel the advantage of dynamic resource scheduler (DRS), which is now available for storage.

DRS locates the memory automatically on resource consumption at the optimum location, where the standard setting is not enough. It configures performance tests on a percentage utilization and set their own time. New storage space of a new VM will be created automatically on a preset profile. read more

The collaborative work for all Solutions Zimbra

With hosted solutions, Zimbra allows all companies to have a collaborative system for sharing, mail, calendar, address book, tasks, documents and records, safely and easily. Zimbra mail server allows synchronization, iSync, iPhone and smart phone ever to stay connected. Disk space is no longer a worry, our core offerings sufficient amount of disk space per account and have no bandwidth limit.

Messaging: This is a heart of the Zimbra collaboration suite solution, it has a powerful rich webmail feature for far more advanced than most clients such as Outlook, etc…With Zimbra, no need to store emails in folders, Zimbra has a powerful search engine, gone are the days where you spent long minutes waiting for the search results are practically instantaneous. Zimbra can assign keywords to your posts for the group and instantly find easily. read more

Cloud Server Hosting – An Unique Platform for Business Operations

Cloud server hosting users experience the higher performance of the servers. Cluster of network servers play the important role here, thus, as per the requirements users can easily increase CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, and Bandwidth.   Virtual environment of Cloud is much better than virtual private servers and shared hosting, however, comparatively it is expensive, but on the other hand it is a much better option. Cloud hosting is gaining popularity at a rapid pace and it is being adopted by most of the organizations and government bodies around the world as well. The most important benefit of  cloud server is that it reduces the issues of downtime to a great extent. read more

Cloud Web Hosting – The Emerging Trend in Hosting Technology

In the strong public feeling of economic pressure, large organizations and even small companies are looking for comfort. With the sound chanting everywhere about cloud web hosting’s cost effective measures than an organization with Hosting needs can avail. Cloud Hosting (cloud computing) can reduce overall hosting expenses, speed implementations, and scalability gives eye catching privileges to small companies and large organizations where they can easily add or remove web server resources according to their requirements. Eliminating physical intervention to include any additional hardware resource, which again contributes to cut down overall hosting costs. The evolution of cloud computing came along with its extra ordinary quality for users with Cloud hosting being promoted with tag lines  like “you only pay for what you use” read more

Why should i go for Cloud Computing Solution ?

Cloud Computing as a new concept to new users creates a lot of confusion as to what is the basic difference between cloud based web servers and servers which are not cloud-based ?

Cloud Computing is a wide concept and requires a lot more understanding than any other hosting package. Of course, this definitely means more towards redundancy and reliability of hosting servers along with other functionalities.

Cloud computing runs over many concepts such as Grid Computing and utility computing. Cloud computing implies towards a large network of cluster server envrionment serving ever-growing requirements of hosting users. Cloud-based servers are easily scalable in terms of resources when compared to the hosting packages which are not setup on Cloud. Cloud Computing basically serves “infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or software as a service (SaaS). read more