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Introduction to the Eleven Key Components of OpenStack – Part 1


What is this OpenStack? Does that mean opening the stack of applications? No no…that’s a set of software tools in order to build and manage cloud computing platforms for both public as well as private clouds. OpenStack basically, helps in managing the pool of resources in any datacenter by turning all the set of these software tools into a pool of resources that can be managed from a single place.

Understanding the Terms in OpenStack –

Since OpenStack is a set of software tools for constructing and managing cloud computing platforms for all three types of clouds, it’s made of several parts that are moving. Being an open source, there’s freedom to add additional components to OpenStack to meet the needs of the users. According to its community, there are nine key components that are a part of the “core” of it, distributed as a part of any OpenStack system and officially maintained by the community. Two more have been added to the list in the last Icehouse release, improving the figure to eleven from nine. read more

ownCloud Installation with Linux Distribution


  1. What is ownCloud?
  2. How to prepare web server for installation?
  3. Installation of ownCloud
  4. Completion of the establishment

First, we’ll see what exactly ownCloud is!

It is an open source application for cloud storage and online file management. Basically it is similar to the famous DropBox, because it can store and synchronize files between one or more work stations or servers and ownCloud server. It is also fulfilling the role of backup server for safekeeping files and server synchronization. To implement this service you must have a web server running PHP and MySQL or SQLite.

Among all these features, there is obviously the possibility to share files; also you can play music directly online with the integrated player, can manage calendar, contact management, viewing and editing documents online, the visualization and filing photos in galleries, etc…. Moreover, many plugins are available in order to insert new functionality to ownCloud. read more

Hyper-V: Protection against malicious DHCP with DHCP Guard


Note: this option is available on Windows Server 2012

The service DHCP is ever present in networks of companies to distribute a network configuration to clients’ computers and even servers. Generally, multiple servers are present in order to make sure the availability and stability of the service. These servers manage a lot of things along with synchronization and avoid duplication.

Now just imagine that unknown DHCP server just connects to your network for malicious activity, without knowing its presence you may distribute the bad IP configuration and that will greatly disrupts your network. Especially, the operation of the DHCP protocol, a client negotiates with the first DHCP server that therefore address him simply responds as malicious DHCP server before yours and before you know it. read more

eNlight Cloud – Who can use it?

eNlight Cloud Who Can Use It

If you are currently using a VPS for your website and related services, then the eNlight Cloud could be the perfect solution to allow you to expand your online presence. With auto-scaling Virtual Machines and an order process with which you can configure the precise specifications that you require, eNlight represents a solution that can save you money whilst offering you a more powerful hosting service without compromising on uptime or security.

eNlight Virtual Machines represent the ideal environment for people running their own web hosting companies.  Like other forms of hosting that offer a dedicated hosting environment, you can install a control panel such as Plesk or cPanel that can be used for website management on your Virtual Machine.  Your customers will be able to enjoy the speeds and scalability offered by the eNlight Cloud; if there is a particular website hosted on your server that begins to impact on the performance of your VM, additional resources can be hurried in to scale the VM up as necessary.  This auto-scaling can be beneficial in many different situations, for example, your business may launch a new product that could create a rush of traffic to your website. read more

Why Choose Cloud Servers from bodHOST?

What is a Cloud Server?

The Cloud Computing technology paradigm focuses on offering virtualized resources via the Internet to anyone, anywhere allowing them complete independence of any physical infrastructure, providing a dynamic, highly scalable to run your project. A Cloud Server is similar to a dedicated server only that the same is running in the cloud, this means that resources such as RAM, CPU, connectivity and disk storage used by each server are supplied through the cloud.

Why Choose bodHOST’s Cloud Servers?

eNlight Cloud Hosting solution from bodHOST offers a unique hosting environment that allows you to flexibly grow without limits or prior knowledge. Following are the characteristics of bodHOST’s eNlight Cloud solution that makes it the best among other cloud solutions offered by various providers in the industry. read more

Some Questions Which Are Important To Know Before Picking Cloud Storage

In this world of information and technology Companies are finding different ways to improve their IT operations, and for that  reason more and more companies  are moving to cloud computing technology. The cloud computing  technology is an ideal solution for all types of businesses and its operation  because it offers various benefits to its user  now one such benefits of using cloud computing technology is that it offers   a secure backup storage solution.

Cloud storage solution has become increasingly popular services for storing your organizational data. Cloud storage is quickly becoming the preferred method for businesses to backup their data and store important files and data . It can be helpful to business owners for a variety of reasons however, before choosing a cloud storage service for your data you need to ask some question and check the facts and then come to a conclusion whether is it worth backing up your data in the cloud? read more

Cloud Management With Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 is Microsoft’s latest and greatest software management system designed to bridge the gap between traditional dedicated server and cloud computing environments. Significant improvements have been made to its API (Application Programming Interfaces) so IT pros have an easier time customizing Windows Server 2012 to their applications.

Windows PowerShell Module

Windows 2012 also brings with it the ability to manage complex frameworks within a data center, such as systems running older versions of windows and non-windows operating systems. This is accomplished by deploying PowerShell – a comprehensive interface that makes sessions to remote servers even more resilient. For example, if a user deploys a service pack on a server, or attempts to back up a database in the cloud, long-running tasks need to continue, even if the end user disconnects from the network. Microsoft claims that by using PowerShell, application corruptions due to loss of connectivity are virtually eliminated. read more

Optimizing Virtual Networks With eNlight

Cloud Computing and virtual networks are a cost effective ways to manage company data. In the old days of computer networking, reboots were necessary whenever system upgrades or downgrades needed to be performed. eNlight Cloud offers a way around such obstacles. As an IT manager, your goal should be to save your organization both time and money while utilizing data networks efficiently. If you agree with that last statement, then consider moving your data network to an automated virtual server.

Automated Performance On a Budget read more