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Paul Lopez, a technology writer and sales & marketing executive at, a cloud & dedicated server hosting company based in New Jersey.

KVM – Setting up the cluster with Proxmox


* Summary
* Installation Process
* Storage space provision
* Backup and Restore
* Hot Failover
* Configuration of Network


Proxmox VE (virtual environment) is an operating system dedicated to the operation of virtual machines based on KVM. It includes a Debian 7 environment, and integrates the service apache to access the web configuration interface. As oVirt, it approaches VMware vCenter. They are both more and less competitors.

Proxmox VE is available free under a free license. In addition, it offers the paid support as well (via forum, support, application developers) and a paid email security solution. read more

Virtual switches in Hyper-V


i. Summary
ii. Virtual Switch Types
iii. Virtual Switch Creation
iv. Extensions
v. Address Range of MAC


In the world of virtualization, it is not only about virtual machines but also switches, moreover VMware offers the “vSwitch” and Hyper-V itself offers “Virtual Switches”. Today, we will see how to create and configure a vSwitch under Hyper-V hypervisor.

These virtual switches are layer 2, that is to say, it determines the path to be taken by an Ethernet packet using the MAC addresses of the devices. read more

IIS 10 Features view – What is New?

IIS 10 New Features


In all the web hosting news you might have noticed the buzz around Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016 and Windows 10. But there is one more thing that may light up your interest more, i.e. IIS 10. So let’s see what it has new on the table:


If you’ve accessed Windows Server 2016 technical preview and Windows 10, then you might have noticed that IIS 10 isn’t any different than these two. How? Check the below feature and their anatomy:

1) HTTP/2

In the 2nd technical previews’ of Windows Server 2016 and in Windows 10, HTTP/2 is by default enabled and in IIS 10 it’s the same thing, so you need not enable it twice in the value registry, and no need for a reboot. read more



  1. Summary
  2. Storage Pool
  3. Storage Space


Since the availability of Windows server 2012, several new features of storage have made their appearances. This is the case of Storage Pool and Storage Space that offering new possibilities for storing and organizing data.

Both of these features allow you to virtualize storage, firstly because the Storage Pool is the grouping of a set of physical disks, on the other hand, because the Storage Space is a virtual volume created in a Storage Pool.

Now, it’s time to look more closely at these two concepts to better understand it… read more

.htaccess File ignored now what?

.htaccess file ignored


It may be that you are trying to use an .htaccess file on your Dedicate Server to do URL rewriting, authentication, management, handling error pages, etc Except that at the time of you perform the tests you notice that nothing happens, then you certainly start thinking now what…

In fact, this is due to the configuration of your website in Apache and particularly the value assigned to “AllowOverride”, which stipulates that default does not take into account the type of files in .htaccess. read more

Comparison between E5-1620 v3 and E5-2620 v3

E5-1620 v3 vs E5-2620 v3


You might have noticed that bodHOST offers two special servers based on these two processors at very competitive price range along with a complete management solution that you will hardly find elsewhere. Anyway, this is not the primary point of today’s our discussion. What we are going to see is, head to head comparison between these two members in the same family, as many still get confused when it comes to the selection, as both are popular and unique features.

So let’s start the comparison!

Advantages of E5-1620 v3

  1. With this series you get a higher operating frequency that helps to achieve better performance for mission critical applications.
  2. The best part is its CPU that supports faster memory with 2133 MHz data rate. That means you get more memory bandwidth which is advantageous for your memory bound programs.
  3. You will also notice performance gains for your applications, which are not memory bound.
  4. In addition, the price of the processor is comparatively less than the price of E5-2620 v3 Microprocessor.

Advantages of E5-2620 v3 read more

What details one need to provide for SSL certificate?

SSL Certificate

Once you place an order for your SSL Certificate, then in order to issue an SSL certificate for your domain, then we require the following information to process the order and install the certificate on your domain.

You also need to provide us the access you your email account (temporary access), i.e. ‘[email protected]’ (replace webmaster with your actual ID and with the actual domain on which the SSL certificate is to be set up) and provide us with the password so that we can complete the installation process. read more

ownCloud Installation with Linux Distribution


  1. What is ownCloud?
  2. How to prepare web server for installation?
  3. Installation of ownCloud
  4. Completion of the establishment

First, we’ll see what exactly ownCloud is!

It is an open source application for cloud storage and online file management. Basically it is similar to the famous DropBox, because it can store and synchronize files between one or more work stations or servers and ownCloud server. It is also fulfilling the role of backup server for safekeeping files and server synchronization. To implement this service you must have a web server running PHP and MySQL or SQLite.

Among all these features, there is obviously the possibility to share files; also you can play music directly online with the integrated player, can manage calendar, contact management, viewing and editing documents online, the visualization and filing photos in galleries, etc…. Moreover, many plugins are available in order to insert new functionality to ownCloud. read more

Turn the designer mode on in phpMyAdmin


Today, we will see how to turn designer mode on in phpMyAdmin!

The designer mode in phpMyAdmin allows us to view databases, tables and the various fields that make the form of a diagram. One can also easily view there the relationship between tables. It is a very convenient mode when one is often trying to design, modify or explore the database systems.

For this tutorial, we are going to see how to activate this designer mode in phpMyAdmin (4.1). Just for the information this tutorial has been validated under WAMP.

Activation of Designer Mode

So let’s begin, to activate designer mode we’ll start by going to find a file names as in the phpMyAdmin installation directory. read more

Creating multiple instances with OpenVPN

In this tutorial we will see how to create multiple instances on dedicated server with OpenVPN!

Depending on where you are, it happens that some ports are blocked or filtered. Rather than having each time to redo your configuration to adapt to the new port, it is easier to create a specific configuration port.

It should be noted that since the recent version of OpenVPN, the application will default launch all configurations found in the file “/ etc / openvpn” that is to say, all the files in “.conf “. read more