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SMTP 530 error: “denied access” While Accessing MailEnable

The tutorial provides a solution for the SMTP 530 error: “denied access” occurred on the parallels Plesk panel for windows while accessing the MailEnable. The tutorial applies only to the following Plesk panel versions for windows dedicated servers.

  • Parallels Plesk Panel 11.x for Windows
  • Parallels Plesk Panel 10.x for Windows
  • Parallels Plesk Panel 9.x for Windows
  • Parallels Plesk Panel 8.x for Windows

Usually, when accessing the MailEnable the SMTP service shows an SMTP 530 error: “access denied”. It simply means that the connection has been denied access in the SMTP Access Control properties of the MailEnable Administration Program on the server or the IP has been blocked due to many subsequent invalid commands. read more

Steps to Enable and Disable SMBv1, SMBv2, and SMBv3 in Windows Servers

The following post shows detailed steps to enable and disable the Server Message Block (SMB) versions SMBv1, SMBv2 & SMBv3 on the SMB server and SMB client. The SMBv2 protocol was introduced in Windows Vista & Windows Server 2008 and the SMBv3 was introduced in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

The below given steps applies only to the following Windows versions:

•    Windows Vista Enterprise
•    Windows Vista Business
•    Windows Vista Home Basic
•    Windows Vista Home Premium
•    Windows Vista Ultimate
•    Windows 7 Enterprise
•    Windows 7 Home Basic
•    Windows 7 Home Premium
•    Windows 7 Professional
•    Windows 7 Ultimate
•    Windows Server 2008 Datacenter
•    Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
•    Windows Server 2008 Standard
•    Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter
•    Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
•    Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
•    Windows 8
•    Windows 8 Enterprise
•    Windows 8 Pro
•    Windows Server 2012 Datacenter
•    Windows Server 2012 Essentials
•    Windows Server 2012 Foundation
•    Windows Server 2012 Standard read more

Why Choose Cloud Servers from bodHOST?

What is a Cloud Server?

The Cloud Computing technology paradigm focuses on offering virtualized resources via the Internet to anyone, anywhere allowing them complete independence of any physical infrastructure, providing a dynamic, highly scalable to run your project. A Cloud Server is similar to a dedicated server only that the same is running in the cloud, this means that resources such as RAM, CPU, connectivity and disk storage used by each server are supplied through the cloud.

Why Choose bodHOST’s Cloud Servers?

eNlight Cloud Hosting solution from bodHOST offers a unique hosting environment that allows you to flexibly grow without limits or prior knowledge. Following are the characteristics of bodHOST’s eNlight Cloud solution that makes it the best among other cloud solutions offered by various providers in the industry. read more

When and Why Choose Dedicated Servers from bodHOST?

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is an advanced form of hosting in which the customer rents or buys a server, taking full use and control of it. The dedicated servers allow you to host sites having high-traffic and bigger in size, run complex applications and manage all your resources to suit the needs of your project.

When You Should Hire bodHOST’s Dedicated Server?

  • If your transfer volume, space or traffic is high;
  • If you need a mail server or a Web server exclusively;
  • If your project requires multiple IP addresses;
  • If you plan to install the application that requires root access to your dedicated server;
  • If you need to install new applications and the same need significant hardware consumption;
  • If you want to provide major streaming services;
  • If you need to access the operating system as an administrator (root).

Why Choose bodHOST’s Dedicated Servers?

bodHOST’s Dedicated Server Hosting plans are designed is a way so that you can have complete access and control over the server resources, and can manage & adapt to the needs of your project. read more

How to Change Server Hostname on CentOS Dedicated Server?

The blog post shows steps on how to change the hostname on CentOS dedicated server. There are two different methods for changing the server hostname on CentOS.

The first method to change the server hostname on CentOS is using the “Hostname command”.

Login to your dedicated server and open the console.

Fire the following command into the console:


Once the above command is fired, it will automatically change the server hostname on CentOS.

The second method to change  the server hostname on CentOS is via the “Editing network file”. read more

PHP Warning: Suhosin Extension does not officially support PHP 5.2.

PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Suhosin Extension does not officially support PHP 5.2 and below anymore, because it is discontinued. Use it at your own risk. in Unknown on line 0


Often when your cloud solutions provider upgrade the PHP version on the server you will notice this type of error in your “error logs” file. It is one of the errors that usually occurs on WordPress based sites, however it doesn’t relate to the WordPress files.

There are several scripts that don’t support the upgraded version of PHP. In this case, the error shows that the “Suhosin Extension does not support PHP 5.2 version”. Now, what to do? You don’t need to worry. You have come to the right place for the solution. Simply follow the steps given below to fix this error. read more

A complete guide to Ecommerce Hosting

If you are thinking about launching a new e-commerce website with the hosting part then, do not forget that your needs are unique. Besides a basic web hosting plan, you will need full support for its e-commerce platform.

Hosting E-commerce: The Basic Needs

As electronic commerce grows,it’s basic needs are as important as the websites. You need fast bandwidth and enough space and support the number of visitors and buyers that you are expecting. read more

Microsoft Virtualization Technology Types and Information

windows virtualization

The Virtualization is a product by Microsoft Technologies, which consists of a wide range of options and alternatives for the corporate clients,from which they can choose the right tool for their business. Its often a complex process to decide upon a Microsoft products as it has wide range of products available for high as well as medium sized businesses, which creates confusion in the selection.

Each technology and product have specific focuses, according to the scenario so, if you are developing a project for Microsoft virtualization it is important that you have clearly defined the concept of each tool and in which conditions it should be used. Another issue is that its not very particular that on what should be emphasized upon, is there any virtualization technology, that is higher than any other? read more

DDoS Or Denial of Service Attacks

Simply open your web browser, and type any website address in it. The browser will take you to the exact page or information that you are looking for. But, how does this happen? How could be browser so sure that the information on this server is what is needed by the user? The browser knows it because of the DNS – Domain Name System.

The fact is, when you enter your domain name in the browser, it sends a request to the DNS server which holds the lists of “domain-ip-addresses”. By searching the IP address of that particular domain, it forwards the request to the specific web server where the website data is stored and once it is found, it is resent to the browser, resulting the expected page or information the user is seeking for. read more

VOIP Servers, Services – Advantages and Information

VOIP Servers

What are VoIP Servers ?

VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice Over IP, ie. the transmission of voice over the Internet. A VoIP service in essence, consists of a computer that can make phone calls to anywhere in the world. It may be PC to PC or PC to phone, landline or mobile. The voice signals are converted into data packets that travel over the Internet using a VoIP platform, and then converted back into the recipient.

Using VoIP requires specific modules in the router or switch that have the digital processors (DSPs). In this case, the router or switch are called as voice gateways. read more