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Advantages of Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud - Design

The emerging concept of cloud disaster recovery (cloud DR) solution is rapidly gaining acceptance, especially with the small and medium business segments. When disaster strikes your online business from a disaster can be a herculean task which may never restore your business to its previous position. While disasters can hit large and small enterprises alike, disaster preparedness is something that only the large enterprises can invest into. The advent of cloud computing is changing that- there are economic, technical and security benefits for SMBs. Business continuity planning has become cheaper and easier with cloud based disaster recovery solutions. Experts in the field are now talking favourably of a disaster recovery plan in the cloud as there are distinct benefits like cost effectiveness and simplicity of deployment which are not offered by traditional DR solutions. read more

Fully Managed VPS Server Hosting in the USA

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If you have never managed a server in any shape or form before then a fully managed VPS server from bodHost will offer you with all the features that are necessary to support you and your Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting. Similarly to a dedicated server, a VPS server can provide a dedicated hosting environment involving guaranteed resources that you can customize to meet the requirements of your business; quite often there will be a need for third-party applications and services to support larger websites that have been developed in-house and more often than not these won’t be available within the context of a shared hosting environment, which is why VPS hosting is so popular because it offers a dedicated environment on a budget. read more

Our requirements need more than what Shared Hosting can offer, but we have no technical experience with server management?

bodHOST has been providing the most robust server solutions since 1999 and we cater to both experienced and inexperienced users alike. With all of our server solutions including Linux VPS Hosting, Windows VPS Hosting and Managed Dedicated Servers being Managed Servers you can contact us at any time to install any necessary security software and any server-side software you may require. We offer 24×7 technical support with all of our server hosting services. You can contact us at any time to update all of the necessary software on your server including security software. read more